Jands appointed Ampetronic distributor of Hearing Loops for Australia

ampetronics25 May, 2015 – Jands Pty Ltd, Australia’s leading audio, lighting and staging supplier, is proud to announce that effective 1st June, they will take over the distribution of Ampetronic for Australia.

“Ampetronic is a perfect fit for Jands” said Paul Mulholland, Jands Managing Director. “Jands is committed to providing our professional AV customers with complete end to end product and service solutions by partnering with only the finest brands available. There is no better example of this than Ampetronic, who have been global leaders in Hearing Loop assistive listening technology since the company’s foundation almost thirty years ago, and have led the market in Australia since the technologies introduction around 15 years ago. Ampetronic’s product, engineering, and educational resources, coupled with Jands strong commitment to the local market with inventory, training and product support will ensure Ampetronic expand on their already dominant market position.”

The new partnership signals the start of an exciting time for the industry, with several significant introductions due from Ampetronic this year. Julian Pieters Managing Director of Ampetronic said “We are thrilled to partner with Jands, and have been impressed with their professionalism and technical capability. We are on the brink of introducing a suite of new tools, support services and products that will change the way the industry works with hearing loops. Jands has the reputation, the reach and the commitment to deliver this to market – together we will make a very positive impact on provision of hearing assistance across Australia. I am also impressed with the depth and calibre of the team at Jands, which will deliver top notch education and training, as well as the rapid, design and support services our customers expect. This is a great time to take our brand to the next level, and an excellent partnership to make it happen.”

Hearing loops are imperative to providing equality of access to audio services to people with hearing aids. Hearing Loops are popular amongst people with hearing loss because they’re a dignified solution that doesn’t require an individual to ask for, or wear additional receivers and the sound quality is tailored to the individual’s specific hearing, which can significantly improve their overall listening experience.

“Due to legislative requirements and general community awareness assistive listening technology, particularly Hearing Loops, is a strong and growing market in Australia” said Jeff Bolt, Jands National Sales Manager “our sales force receive requests for this technology from our customers on a daily basis and are excited to now represent the world’s leading manufacturer.”

Jeff MacKenzie head of Jands Technical Resource Team states “From a sales engineering / technical support view we are very excited to be partnering with Ampetronic as not only are they a technology leader in their field with an impressive list of technology innovations stretching back to their foundation in 1987, but their principles and beliefs align directly with ours. Ampetronic focus on systems, not box sales. Every system is backed by solid pre-sales engineering. They also share our belief that the key to successful systems is education and as such invest heavily in the provision of training for users, designers and installers of their products. We look forward to continuing and building on this tradition in Australia.”


PR Lighting Announces New XR 1000 Framing Now at Jands

XR 1000 Framing

XR 1000 Framing

Now available from JANDS Australia a great new fixture from PR Lighting.

PR Lighting’s new XR 1000 Framing, which begins shipping next month, promises a brighter output than a conventional 1200W discharge lamp from a 1000W metal halide lamp source — thanks to its superior optics.

The fixture has been built with an advanced feature-set that includes a wide beam angle of 11°-51°, which is linearly adjustable in 16 bit, an excellent framing system (with four framing blades offering 0°-90° rotation, with different size and shape graphics to produce a curtain effect.

More compact and lightweight than comparative models on the market, it also boasts a good cooling system.

In addition to the above, other features of the XR 1000 Framing include: Smooth CYM colour mixing, with CTO and macro; Colour wheel with seven colour filters; Linear colour temperature correction; 7 rotating high speed gobos and 7 fixed gobos (all replaceable); DMX control; Linearly adjustable focus; DMX linear zooming; Linearly adjustable dimmer from 0%-100% and linearly adjustable iris from 5%-100%; Adjustable pan and tilt speed; 3-facet bi-directional, variable speed prism wheel; Frost Filter; Double strobe/shutter blades, 0.3~25 fps; RDM control protocol and Wireless DMX; Input signal isolating protection; Built-in analyzer for easy fault finding and error messages; Modular construction for easy maintenance.

PR Lighting reports that they have already received favourable reports from their global partners following the first advanced shipment.

HARMAN’s Martin Professional Announces Immediate Availability of RUSH Club Smoke Dual™

RUSH Club Smoke Dual™

RUSH Club Smoke Dual™

AARHUS, Denmark – The RUSH Club Smoke Dual™, HARMAN Martin Professional’s new hybrid smoke and haze machine, is now shipping and available from stock.

First unveiled in April at Prolight + Sound 2015, the new addition to the RUSH by Martin line of atmospheric effects is an innovation based on the Magnum Club Smoke system, installed in prestigious venues all over the world.

The Club Smoke Dual is a multi-head system, which utilizes up to six heads across three zones via DMX or an on-board digital display. This unique feature of the system allows the user to deploy fog, haze, or a combination of both using a specially formulated fluid. This means that fluid changeover is no longer required for the desired atmospheric effect. The separate base unit, which can be installed in a convenient remote location, contains a 10-liter fluid reservoir, ensuring continuous use throughout busy nights.

“After the global launch of the RUSH Club Smoke Dual at the Prolight + Sound trade show in Frankfurt, I am pleased to say that it proved to be very popular at the show,” said Mark Buss, Product Manager RUSH by Martin. “Especially with system integrators who valued its ability to deploy smoke and haze atmospheric effects from a single system and unique formulated fluid.”

See the RUSH Club Smoke Dual in action at https://youtu.be/obh80kDp_4A

Knight of Illumination Awards 2015 announces exciting new category

One of the new KOI Club category submissions - LD Steve Bewley's design for Enter Shikari at The Roundhouse

One of the new KOI Club category submissions – LD Steve Bewley’s design for Enter Shikari at The Roundhouse

UK – The 2015 Knight of Illumination Awards (KOI) has announced that it has added a brand new award in the Concert Touring and Events category.

The KOI Awards, which celebrates the creative talents of international lighting and digital content designers working in the UK, has added a ‘Club’ category, which will allow the Awards to widen its reach to celebrate LDs working at all scales of touring.

Proposed to the committee by KOI Chairman of Concert Touring and Events Sarah Rushton-Read, the category was introduced in response to feedback from lighting designers working with new bands just starting out on the touring circuit. It will mean that these LDs, often working with just a floor package and having to use each venue’s house rig to realise their design, will also be recognised for their creativity.

“Often designers that are touring club style venues with just a floor package have to be extremely resourceful and inventive to make their design work in every space,” says Rushton-Read. “A well thought out floor package can be key to the design’s success. Such designers regularly have to think on their feet and many cut their problem-solving-design-teeth with limited budgets, crew and time available.”

Submissions are now open for Club, alongside the rest of Concert Touring and Events and the TV subcategories, for shows performed or broadcast between 1st August 2014 and 31st July 2015. As with previous years the Theatre category can only be nominated by the judging panel.

“Club touring is the seedbed of upcoming talent both in terms of the artists and designers of tomorrow,” continues Rushton-Read. “This is a new and exciting development both for KOI and up and coming designers. We’ve already seen some fantastic shows at venues including The Roundhouse and Shepherd’s Bush Empire and we look forward to seeing more in the coming months.”

To find out more about the sectors and subcategories or information about how you can submit an entry for television or concert touring and event lighting and visual content please visit:

Website: http://www.knight-of-illumination.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/knight.of.illumination
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KOIAwards

CyberHoist II makes its touring debut with Linkin Park

Europe: – XLNT Advanced Technologies’ brand new CyberHoist II™ made its touring debut with US nu-metal mega-stars Linkin Park when the band returned to head-banging basics on their sold out European tour, The Hunting Party.

Talented show designer Michael Fullman worked with event technology supplier, Black Box Music to transfer the show from the USA to Europe. As the show transitioned from the US specified automation system to XLNT’s CyberHoist II for Europe, Fullman says he was keen to reinvigorate elements of the original design.

Black Box Music’s Moritz Stockschläder worked closely with the production and says: “It was great to be the first company to supply a full CyberHoist II system in Europe and on such a dynamic and exciting tour. For many reasons CyberHoist II, with its silent, smooth, unrivalled accuracy, proved to be the ideal solution.”

Fullman concurs: “We rehearsed in Germany and as soon as we started using the CyberHoist II system I realised I could do much more with my design than I’d originally planned. The system offered considerable artistic freedom and rather than hindering the creative process it actually pushed it forward. There seemed to be no limit to where I could position the screens or how quietly and fast they could travel.”

The epitome of arena rock, Linkin Park’s set comprised a number of sharply angled semi-transparent video screens, which delivered layer upon layer of dynamic content. The screens also moved up and down above the stage action, sometimes at speed, sometimes more slowly, revealing or masking band members positioned on plinths.

Fullman says that the CyberHoist II brought a surprising new dynamic show: “I wanted to add elements that would echo and complement the huge energy of the band and convey that energy to the audience. CyberHoist enabled us to create entirely new scenic looks and atmospheres, often with phenomenal speed.”

Working closely with Fullman and in charge of programming and operation was experienced CyberHoist II operator Ingo Koenzen: “The new CyberHoist II is ideal for touring, primarily because it’s pretty much plug and play. Every element is inside the hoist. Best of all we don’t have to worry about where to put controller boxes, all I need is power and a data cable for each hoist and we’re ready to go.”

However for Koenzen the big advantage is also in the fast programming as he explains: “It’s really simple, the console surface is so intuitive to use. The whole system is built around object orientated programmingusing CyberMotion’s MotionCue3D operating console, which means I just have to tell the console the height and angle that the object should fly at and when. I don’t have to worry about the number of hoists required to move an object or what each is doing, I just have to worry about the object itself.”

Of course if you want more detail you have it: “I can have full control of everything that happens, continues Koenzen. “I can read every load and with one click I can see every actuator and what’s happened with it.”

Fullman was impressed: “As Ingo says it’s very fast to program – no sooner had I expressed what I wanted Ingo had done it! We could plot moves in real time and watch the transitions back quickly. In the end I had so many new ideas that we went from the five original automation cues to 20!”

In charge of rigging and automation for the tour was Chris Wilson: “The CyberHoist II system fitted very well into our tour and certainly delivered above and beyond what we were expecting. What stood out for me was that there was no jogging of the screens when the hoists stopped moving; it was super-smooth and accurate. Critically this minimised the dynamic load on the rigging to next to nothing. Secondly the built in SIL3 safety compliance that CyberHoist II offers gave myself and tour director Jim Digby absolute confidence that when the screens were moving the artists and crew below were safe.”

Fullman concludes that he’s now an advocate of the CyberHoist II system; “I was delighted with all the options it gave us from both a practical and a creative perspective, it was a fantastic experience all round.”

The CyberHoist II system brought a surprising new dynamic show for the European leg of Linkin Park's 'The Hunting Party' tour.

The CyberHoist II system brought a surprising new dynamic show for the European leg of Linkin Park’s ‘The Hunting Party’ tour.

HARMAN’s Martin Professional :RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom Lighting Fixture

MARTIN_RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom_MAINHARMAN’s Martin Professional today announced the new RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom lighting fixture is now shipping. Introduced at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2015 in Amsterdam, the RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom is a single-lens LED PAR Can with fully pre-mixed white color temperatures for a range of applications in the installation and entertainment markets.

“As the latest addition to our RUSH by Martin line of affordable effect lighting, the RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom offers lighting designers full flexibility for installations ranging from nightclubs and theatres to conferences and exhibitions,” said Mark Buss, Product Manager for RUSH by Martin.

The luminaire is housed in a black aluminum frame and uses twelve 10 W WW/CW (warm white and cold white) LEDs for white color washes that can be pre-mixed from 2,700K to 7,800 K. A motorized zoom of 10 to 60 degrees ensures beams produced by the fixture maintain a hard edge without sacrificing lumens. The fixture also features electronic dimming and variable strobe effects as well as a 3 unique temperature-controlled cooling system that ensures smooth, low-noise operation.

The RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom also uses a unique forced air temperature-regulated cooling system to ensure smooth, low-noise operation and boasts an estimated LED lifetime of 50,000 hours. Additionally, the fixture is controllable via both DMX (5-pin XLR) and a stand-alone function that uses an onboard LCD display control panel.

To see the RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom in action, please visit: https://youtu.be/E6Jy6vIS3zA

For more information on RUSH by Martin, please visit: www.martin.com


As mentioned on my Facebook page, Thursday 26th Feb, early EFT has sold ENTECH to the CX Network. Below is the press release from EFT.

Exhibitions & Trade Fairs (ETF) today announced the sale of the ENTECH trade show to the CX Network, headed by ENTECH founder Julius Grafton.

Having acquired ENTECH in 2004, ETF successfully operated the event for some time. ETF launched a satellite event, ENTECH-CONNECT which has run successfully in Melbourne on off-years to the main ENTECH trade show in Sydney.

ETF have advised that the forthcoming Sydney ENTECH, scheduled for July will now not proceed.

CX Network operates the CX Summer Roadshow, a touring ‘pop-up’ trade show. They plan to re-name the Roadshow as ‘CX presents the ENTECH Roadshow’ for 2016. CX Network head Julius Grafton confirmed today they have no intention of running a traditional trade show in any form.

ETF Managing Director, Gary Daly said,

“We are pleased that the CX Network will continue with ENTECH. They an integral part of the industry in Australia and have a detailed knowledge of the market.”

Mr Daly said that ETF’s priority now was to move forward with a focus on the existing portfolio of shows and the development of new events in emerging markets.

This is surely going to make the Roadshow so much better. I see it as a big step forward and the winners are going to be those that cannot get to Sydney or Melbourne for a once year trade show, but will be able to find the time to visit one in their local city. I expect that ‘CX presents the ENTECH Roadshow’ will grow in size to accommodate more suppliers but not to big to alienate the attending public. As CX has states:

Other tech industry Roadshows are anticipated, as the format offers superior return on investment for exhibitors. CX Roadshow is very popular with visitors who appreciate the ease of navigation and the single day footprint in each major city.

So this year’s ENTECH in Sydney is cancelled and a new version is rising under the leadership of Julius and his team. I am sure it will grow and be what people need in a tradeshow.