Starting out – Tip 4

One of the most useful skills in the entertainment industry is the ability to roll cables correctly. None of this over elbow/shoulder stuff that you may have picked up from your parents. If you roll a cable correctly you will lengthen its life. The less wear and tear the less likely it will fail in a show. So I have found this video online at youtube that shows you the correct way to roll your mic, power etc cables. If you are left-handed, like myself, it will take a bit of use getting it right.



True Story #2

I turn to set up and tech a brass band concert on a Saturday at a local council venue. I have unlocked the space and set up some gear in readiness. They seem to be late in arriving. After waiting for an hour, and it is getting closer to curtain up. I contact the band leader, who explains they cancelled the show and had left a message with a council library, a few before on the Saturday.. ?I explained that it was not in our council area, and got berated for not finding out. They were not happy to receive invoice for venue hire and staff.

Vista Lighting Control Range Acquired by Chroma-Q

Sydney, Australia, June 5, 2018 – JANDS, manufacturer and designer of world-class lighting equipment and technologies, announces that Chroma-Q® has acquired the Vista lighting control product range.

Jands has made a business decision to cease manufacturing the Vista lighting control product range. Recognizing the potential for Vista lighting control systems in today’s market, Jands felt it was a logical move to have Chroma-Q® take over the manufacturing of Vista lighting control product range.

Moving forward, new hardware design, development and manufacturing will be done in Chroma-Q®’s manufacturing facilities.

“We are sad to see the Vista lighting control product lines leave our facility, but we are confident that Chroma-Q® will continue on with the tradition of quality award-winning Vista products. Chroma-Q® is the ideal solution to continue on the legacy, service and support of the Vista brand.” commented Paul Mulholland, Managing Director, Jands.

To coincide with the acquisition, Vista will now be branded as Vista by Chroma-Q® .

Support warranty and repair of all existing Vista products in Australia and New Zealand will be maintained by Jands Pty Limited.

Since 2004, Jands Vista has been providing customers and end users with quality control software and hardware. Vista has been adopted by a wide range of leading lighting designers, specifiers, rental and production companies, venues, shows and events worldwide.

During the next few months Jands and Chroma-Q® will be working together on a smooth transition for our customers and end users. If you have questions, or want to learn more, contact or

Starting out – Tip 3

Learn your equipment. Get familiar with the equipment you are going to be using. See how to change the bulb, zoom the lens and how to focus. Get familiar where the controls are on the lantern. Get use to adjusting the shutters or barndoors. The more you know the equipment the quicker you can work. This then makes you a useful member of the lighting team. If you can grab a lantern hang it, lock it off and make it safe with the safety cable you are on the way. When you can then make adjusts to the lantern in accordance to the designers wish’s you are then useful. The more you practice the better.

It is also useful to learn how to look after the equipment and repair and maintain. simply cleaning the fixture and lenses can a big difference to the useful life of the unit. Also clean lenses mean the maximum amount is available. I have gone into venues with filthy lenses and you get about 50% of the light coming out. People are surprised what a simple lens clean can do.

So the tip really is to get to know as much equipment as possible. This way you gain knowledge and make yourself useful.

The Cloud

Recently had an overseas client that must have super-fast internet speeds. They relied on a cloud service to provide their backing tracks for their fringe show. In my mind this fraught with potential problems, and yes they happened. I think the idea of relying on the cloud is definitely not a sound one.  Especially as the connection at work can be a bit flaky. It makes you wonder why? Surely you want the track to play every-time you press play. And it is not that expensive to purchase a track or two.

Then you get the clients that bring along their laptops to play media, or not. Recently had a client that forgot their MAC. So they demanded if we had a spare laptop, which we don’t. Lucky their technician had a Windows machine that would happily run the slide show and other media files. Come the second night – problems. The tech’s computer decided to update. Now I don’t know many techs that don’t disable the update features. But it will bring a show to a grinding halt.

Elation Professional announces the acquisition of the M-Series range

Elation Professional announces the acquisition of the M-Series range of entertainment lighting controllers from HARMAN Professional Denmark ApS, formerly Martin Professional ApS.

The asset-based acquisition, which is planned to be completed before the end of Q1 2018, will include a limited-term license agreement to distribute current controller products using the name “M-Series,” as well as provide continued technical support and warranty service for prior Martin M- Series sales.

Elation already has in place key personnel with expertise in M-Series technology in order to provide ongoing support and development of new products. This will ensure a seamless transition for the already established M-Series customer base, offering continuity and continued support by Elation on past sales of M-Series controllers by HARMAN Professional Solutions.

Toby Velazquez, President of Elation Lighting Inc., comments: “We are excited to be able to provide a world-class professional-level control product series to our entire customer base around the world. By adding the well-established M-Series range and its R&D development group, who has over 25 years of experience in professional stage lighting control, we are confident we can meet requests by lighting designers for user-friendly and powerful lighting control systems.”

Eric Loader, Global Director of Sales & Marketing at Elation, added: “The M-Series range fits well into our core customer base needs and we are excited to now offer this advanced controller series. Customers who already use these products daily are hungry for new features and products that will build on the success of this exceptional lighting control product range.”

“We’re pleased that M-Series users will be able to enjoy new feature developments, while simultaneously receiving continued service from Elation,” said David Glaubke, Director of Public Relations, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “At HARMAN, we are focusing more on our core audio, lighting, video, and AV control products. While this represents a move away from lighting control for the company, it represents increased investment in lighting fixtures and video, where we see bigger opportunities to provide value and innovation for our customers.”