Jands becomes exclusive Australian distributors for Global Design Solutions

We are excited to announce that that Jands has been appointed exclusive distributors for Global Design Solutions (GDS) in Australia.

GDS was founded by Matt Lloyd and Richard Cuthbert in June 2004 after identifying the need for a specialist manufacturer to solve challenging problems within the entertainment industry. GDS manufacture of a number of award winning products including the ArcSystem, BlueSystem and modular stage managers consoles.

The GDS ArcSystem is an award-winning range of modular, highly efficient LED lighting designed for use in auditorium and arena spaces. It provides peerless light quality in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

The award winning BlueSystem has become industry standard worldwide for providing reliable dimmable working light for backstage areas.

GDS also design and manufacture a range of bespoke stage managers consoles which allow the Stage Manager to coordinate all aspects of a production.

“GDS lighting products complement our extensive lighting offering perfectly,” said Tim Kennard, Lighting Sales Manager at Jands. “This distribution partnership allows us to offer a more comprehensive lighting solution that suits the most demanding applications. We look forward to working with GDS.”

GDS’ commitment to solving technical problems with innovative ideas combined with the extensive experience and depth of knowledge Jands has ensures that this will be a powerful partnership.

Further enquiries on GDS products please contact Jands on 02 9582 0909.

About GDS
GDS was founded by Matt Lloyd and Richard Cuthbert in June 2004 after identifying the need for a specialist manufacturer to solve challenging problems within the entertainment industry. With Matt’s experienced commercial background and drive, and Richard’s extensive technical knowledge and enthusiasm, a strong balanced bond formed that always has the customer needs at heart, designing the best solution possible.

True to its roots, from its humble beginnings in a loft space with small workshop, It has grown to become synonymous within the entertainment industry as a top solution provider for major hard to solve issues, such as ergonomic SM desks, Perfectly dimmed Auditorium LED lighting and networked programmable cue lights.

With everything manufactured on the dedicated Bristol UK site, the now substantial team at GDS hold the same values as Matt and Richard, meeting the customer requirements by designing the best solution possible.

Integrate 2016

intergrate logo

It is that time of the year for Integrate 2016. This is a major trade show taking place in Sydney. It brings together customers with suppliers over 3 days. There is also a whole range of seminars, covering a wide range of topics. These will be presented by well known figures in the industry. There will be a showcase of the latest and great in equipment from such iconic suppliers as: Amber Technology, Barco,  Clifton Productions, Event Lighting, JANDS, LG, Panasonic, PAVT, Samsung, Sennheiser, TAG – to just name a few.

Seminars are presented by an amazing group of professionals on a variety of topics from digital signage to lighting design. They are numerous to mention but they do seem worth while to attend.

So if you are in Sydney next week I suggest you make your way to the Sydney showgrounds for 3 days of equipment and seminars. Your time will not be wasted.


23-25 AUGUST 2016

WEBSITE: Integrate

Elation’s ZCL Series™ of ACL-type Effects with Zoom Now Available

Elation Professional’s new ZCL Series™ of high-output ACL-type LED effect lights with zoom is now available. First shown at the Prolight + Sound trade show in April, ZCL Series fixtures combine a high-power RGBW multi-chip with a 4° to 44° zoom that gives dynamic effect lighting an added degree of flexibility. The high performance Zooming Collimator Lens system produces a homogenized 4° color-changing beam from each lens. Strobe effects and full-range electronic dimming with dimming curve effects add to the design possibilities.

Perfect for high-performance effect lighting for stages and night venues, the ZCL Series consists of the ZCL 360 Bar™, a versatile continuous rotation moving bar effect luminaire with zoom; the ZCL 360i™, a single-beam continuous rotation moving effect luminaire with zoom; and the ZCL BAR Z300 IP™, a versatile IP65-rated bar effect luminaire with zoom.

ZCL 360 Bar™
The new ZCL 360 Bar™ is a versatile moving bar effect luminaire with zoom featuring five individual 60W RGBW LEDs and the new advanced collimator optic lens. It features fast and precise 16-bit continuous 360° pan and tilt rotation and houses DMX and power in/out connections along with a 7-button control full color 180° reversible menu display.ZCL 360 Bar

ZCL 360i™
The new ZCL 360i™ is a single beam moving effect luminaire with zoom featuring a single 90W RGBW LED and the new advanced collimator optic lens. It features fast and precise 16-bit continuous 360° pan and tilt rotation and houses DMX and power in/out connections along with a 7-button control full color 180° reversible menu display.

ZCL 360i

ZCL Bar Z300 IP™
The new ZCL Bar Z300 IP™ is a versatile IP65-rated bar moving effect luminaire with zoom featuring five individual 60W RGBW LEDs and the new advanced collimator optic lens. It houses IP-rated DMX and power in/out connections along with an LCD menu display with four touch button control panel. A frost filter and glare shield is included when the moment calls for an even softer wash effect and the fixture comes with an adjustable yoke / floor stand.ZCL BAR Z300 IP


Common Features
All fixtures in the ZCL Series can be controlled via multiple DMX channel modes and are RDM protocol ready (Remote Device Management). Multiple unit power linking makes for quick installation and customizable setups. All ZCL Series units operate flicker free for use in TV and other broadcast applications and an auto-sensing power supply covers worldwide voltages and frequencies. The ZCL Series offers all the benefits of LED like greater reliability, less maintenance and increased energy efficiency and is an excellent example of Elation’s continued commitment to providing the best performance / best ROI solutions.

Elation Professional US

6122 S. Eastern Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90040


Tel: (866) 245-6726 (toll free)

Tel: (323) 582-3322




Elation Professional EU

Junostraat 2.

6468 EW Kerkrade

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)45 546 85 66




New Zealand’s Oceania Productions have purchased twenty Martin Professional MAC Quantum Profiles with Lighting Manager Simon Garrett commenting that he immediately recognised them as a good, solid workhorse.

“That’s really what we need over here in New Zealand,” said Simon. “I had also been looking for a fixture for theatre shows, something in that medium price, medium weight and medium size area. The MAC Quantums certainly fill that ‘middle’ niche for us.”

Simon is delighted with the size and weight of his MAC Quantums saying he can hold one with one hand and that they are great in terms of truck space.

“They just tick a lot of boxes,” he added. “And having a Martin name on the side of them doesn’t hurt!”

The MAC Quantum Profile combines top-quality white light with a fast, smooth CMY colour mixing system and crisp gobo projection on surfaces as well as mid-air.

With all this and the new Animotion™ FX system that allows never-before seen beam animations, the market is now finally seeing the first real 700/800 W discharge lamp replacement in a profile fixture that effectively harnesses cutting-edge LED technology.

Show tech Oceania

Oceania’s MAC Quantums were immediately put to work on Brickman, the biggest exhibition of lego works in the southern hemisphere.

Originally the creators of the show specified arc lamps, such as a MAC Viper, but Simon thought an LED option would be better suited to a twelve hours a day, nine week show.

“The show has eighteen of the MAC Quantum Profiles, 104 LED PARs and 157 tungsten fixtures,” explained Simon. “Basically we’ve set it up with a couple of faders and at the end of the day they just take the fader down. We leave everything going as we find with a set up like this if you just lamp off and leave everything running you get very few faults. When you turn the rig completely off and then completely on again, that’s when you’re more likely to get faults. When it’s up to temperature the fans are running nice and everything is up to equilibrium with nothing working too hard.”

Simon further remarked how much life Show Technology has injected into the Martin brand in New Zealand.

“If this had happened six months ago, I wouldn’t have been able to get the product in time,” he said. “I knew I wanted the product and was planning to get some later in the year but then this show came along and I was able to proceed straightaway. Because Show Technology are so well organised, I was able to get the product within four days.”



Support: Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide

stage collapse palco-jovanotti-trieste_650x435

This is a very important project that we all need to get behind. Roderick van Gelder is very passionate about safety in our industry and has decided to start this fund raising process to develop this Safety Resource Guide. We all remember the Live Performance effort from a few years ago. This is where they tried to come up with a series of documents that would act as guides for the industry and were based on the new harmonised WHS act and regulations and the Australian Standards. These seemed to have disappeared into thin air. They were released at an industry trade and then no more was heard. To quote:

Other than the now 15 years old Live Performance Australia “Safety Guidelines for Entertainment Industry” there are no safety guidelines for the entertainment industry. In 2012 the Event Safety Alliance Australia tried to bring people together to collectively write the Event Safety Guide for the entertainment industry by the entertainment industry but sadly failed to raise enough awareness, money and participation. (2016, https://startsomegood.com/AESRG)

Well Roderick who has been in the industry for many years and is a firm believer in safe work practises (as is this author) within our industry, well he has decided to follow the British model and research and put to together a guide. This will marry all of the relevant regulations, standards, guidelines etc. into one easy readable booklet that will be a boon to all that work in this industry, from technician to venue manager. This undertaking is incredible large and therefore this fundraising effort should be supported to make it happen.

Lack of Insulation

Lack of Insulation

Again to quote Roderick:

What is it?
The Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide will be based on the UK ‘Purple Guide’ format. The Purple Guide, which was written by experts within the event industry, with Government guidance, was originally a 21
chapter document, first published in 1992, aiming to help companies, organisations and individuals who organise live events, such as the Glastonbury and V Festival, to ensure that the event runs safely. The document itself has now been revamped and includes 23 chapters.

The strength of the Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide is that it will go beyond the standard Work Health and Safety Act, covering not only health and safety legislation, but industry specific good practice and legislation such as Fire Safety, crowd management and alcohol licensing.
And it will not just be valuable for large festivals or concerts. Community theatres have the same obligations as Performing Arts Centres but not the same resources. A street festival has the same obligations as Vivid Sydney. A theatre company production has the same obligations as a large Arts Festival. And all will benefit from the Safety Resource Guide.
It is essential to keep in mind that it will be precisely that, a safety resource guide, a starting point providing advice on organising a safe event. The aim is to help you interpret the current Act and Regulation and implement the advice in the resource guide to meet your obligations.

So I commend Roderick for undertaking this mammoth task and I suggest we all get behind him. It is time we had a starting point from which to start. If we all have the same information from which to plan the safe implementation of our shows, events, concerts etc we then can see what we need to do to be safe. We then have the resources to research further when planning our events to make sure we have done everything possible to make them safe.

So if you want to support this please go to:

Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide

Adelaide Convention Centre tames The Plenary Hall with Leopard

The Adelaide Convention Centre has chosen Meyer Sound’s LEOPARD compact line array for their new 3,500 seat Plenary Hall, set to open in mid-2017. The ACC considered audio quality, size, aesthetics, and technology in the selection process, ultimate choosing the Meyer Sound solution as the best product for the job in a centre that prides itself on its industry technology leadership. The Plenary will be covered by a left-right hang of 10 elements of LEOPARD per side, with low-end extension from three complementary 900-LFC subwoofers per side, rigged in cardioid pattern.


Not just a simple, static hall, The Plenary will be able not only to split in half, but add two banks of 300 pax each raked seating on circular revolves the rear of the auditorium, which rotate independently and bring in their own walls to form separate break-out spaces. If that wasn’t enough, the main auditorium’s 2,900 seats can retract into the ceiling, forming a banquet space or independent meeting rooms underneath. The ACC didn’t just need something powerful, they needed something flexible, easy to adjust, and intelligent as well.

The ACC need to support many different configurations in the Plenary, but didn’t want to have to continually physically adjust and reconfigure PA boxes. The LEOPARD system will be flown and installed, and different configuration settings will be loaded remotely via Meyer Sound’s Compass software or Compass Go iPad app. This system design has avoided unsightly ground stacks, often a cause of customer complaints, and vastly reduces ongoing labour costs and equipment wear and tear.
“We’ve designed the system so the ACC don’t have to constantly fly the system in and out,” said Meyer Sound Australia’s Chris D’Bais. “We will run individual signal and power feeds to every box, and through our Galileo GALAXY processing, the ACC will be able remotely load whichever preset suits the room configuration – if they’re only using the front half of the room, for example, they can turn the top of the array off so there’s no extra SPL bouncing around the empty space. Each independent space will have its own independent processor, so separate users can control their sub-systems. Then in full mode, the main processor collates all the data and controls the combined system.”


Front fill, and under balcony fill in the Plenary will be covered by Meyer Sound UPM-1P and UPJunior compact wide coverage speakers respectively, while the rotating meeting rooms and lower meeting rooms will be benefit from Meyer’s IntelligentDC technology, which enables multiple installation speakers to receive power and signal from a single multiconductor cable, saving cabling and labour costs. In the near future, the ACC will also have the option to distribute signal and control via AVB with Meyer’s new Galileo Galaxy processors. Rounding out the full system in the Plenary will be 16 units of Meyer’s low profile MJF-208 self-powered stage monitors; low-profile dual 8” compression driver wedges weighing in at just 21 kgs.

Meyer Sound Australia

dot2 software released: 512 free DMX channels with MA dot2 onPC

The new dot2 software release from MA Lighting comes with a great new feature: From now, the free of charge MA dot2 onPC version outputs up to 512 DMX channels without MA hardware. The free DMX channels can output sACN or Art-Net protocols in the first DMX universe. The MA dot2 onPC software is running under Windows® 7 or higher.
More information on working with the MA dot2 onPC software and the use of 512 free DMX channels can be found in the dot2 blog: https:/blog.ma-dot2.com/.
This release also includes additional pre-defined position effects and several bug-fixes. The software is available as a free download from the dot2 Website: 

Intuitive operation is the core of the dot2 philosophy and with a comprehensive set of connectivity hardware on all console models, the dot2 range is suitable for most theatre, touring, corporate, television and education lighting environments. The easy to operate dot2 software is available in multiple languages and provides on-board Help and Direct Hints to guide a new user to operate the console to its full potential. A full range of clever programming and playback features provide intuitive access to advanced functionality.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology http://www.showtech.com.au