HARMAN’s Martin Professional :RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom Lighting Fixture

MARTIN_RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom_MAINHARMAN’s Martin Professional today announced the new RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom lighting fixture is now shipping. Introduced at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2015 in Amsterdam, the RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom is a single-lens LED PAR Can with fully pre-mixed white color temperatures for a range of applications in the installation and entertainment markets.

“As the latest addition to our RUSH by Martin line of affordable effect lighting, the RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom offers lighting designers full flexibility for installations ranging from nightclubs and theatres to conferences and exhibitions,” said Mark Buss, Product Manager for RUSH by Martin.

The luminaire is housed in a black aluminum frame and uses twelve 10 W WW/CW (warm white and cold white) LEDs for white color washes that can be pre-mixed from 2,700K to 7,800 K. A motorized zoom of 10 to 60 degrees ensures beams produced by the fixture maintain a hard edge without sacrificing lumens. The fixture also features electronic dimming and variable strobe effects as well as a 3 unique temperature-controlled cooling system that ensures smooth, low-noise operation.

The RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom also uses a unique forced air temperature-regulated cooling system to ensure smooth, low-noise operation and boasts an estimated LED lifetime of 50,000 hours. Additionally, the fixture is controllable via both DMX (5-pin XLR) and a stand-alone function that uses an onboard LCD display control panel.

To see the RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom in action, please visit: https://youtu.be/E6Jy6vIS3zA

For more information on RUSH by Martin, please visit: www.martin.com


As mentioned on my Facebook page, Thursday 26th Feb, early EFT has sold ENTECH to the CX Network. Below is the press release from EFT.

Exhibitions & Trade Fairs (ETF) today announced the sale of the ENTECH trade show to the CX Network, headed by ENTECH founder Julius Grafton.

Having acquired ENTECH in 2004, ETF successfully operated the event for some time. ETF launched a satellite event, ENTECH-CONNECT which has run successfully in Melbourne on off-years to the main ENTECH trade show in Sydney.

ETF have advised that the forthcoming Sydney ENTECH, scheduled for July will now not proceed.

CX Network operates the CX Summer Roadshow, a touring ‘pop-up’ trade show. They plan to re-name the Roadshow as ‘CX presents the ENTECH Roadshow’ for 2016. CX Network head Julius Grafton confirmed today they have no intention of running a traditional trade show in any form.

ETF Managing Director, Gary Daly said,

“We are pleased that the CX Network will continue with ENTECH. They an integral part of the industry in Australia and have a detailed knowledge of the market.”

Mr Daly said that ETF’s priority now was to move forward with a focus on the existing portfolio of shows and the development of new events in emerging markets.

This is surely going to make the Roadshow so much better. I see it as a big step forward and the winners are going to be those that cannot get to Sydney or Melbourne for a once year trade show, but will be able to find the time to visit one in their local city. I expect that ‘CX presents the ENTECH Roadshow’ will grow in size to accommodate more suppliers but not to big to alienate the attending public. As CX has states:

Other tech industry Roadshows are anticipated, as the format offers superior return on investment for exhibitors. CX Roadshow is very popular with visitors who appreciate the ease of navigation and the single day footprint in each major city.

So this year’s ENTECH in Sydney is cancelled and a new version is rising under the leadership of Julius and his team. I am sure it will grow and be what people need in a tradeshow.



CX Roadshow 2015

cx roadshow 2015

It is that time of the year when as many of Adelaide’s technicians as possible descend on the Adelaide Convention Centre for the CX Roadshow. This has become a regular event in the calendar for many of us. The usual culprits are there, not counting Julius, Jimmy, Steve and Jason from CX. This year the attendance did seem to up on the previous year. They were folk there that I knew have never been to the CX show. There was a lot of networking happening around the convention centre. This is one of the key benefits of such a trade show. It is not just the equipment that people are interested in  but the exchange of information, ideas and a bit of boasting.

There was the usual range of equipment on display from a lot of the key players. Quality over quantity, with 22 companies displaying their popular products and showing their latest offering to a buying audience.

There were plenty of information seminars to keep people informed, demos to showcase equipment. It may be a small show compared to trade shows held only in Sydney and Melbourne but it was well attended and a lot of people hung around for most of the day.

Well here’s to next year, at the same time and same place to catch up with suppliers and network again. We need to thank CX for putting together what has become an annual event.

WOMAD – World music excitement


Adelaide again hosts WOMAD in March. This is a chance for an Adelaide audience to sample some of the best music that world can offer. With multiple stages presenting acts from around the world, the audiences are in for a treat. The dates for this musical smorgasboard are 6th to the 9th of March 2015.  4 days of  around 400 of the top traditional and contemporary musicians, artists, dancers and thinkers from every corner of the globe. They will great food available for you to taste at the “Taste the World” cooking program. You will have the choose of 7 stages presenting everything from great music and workshops. There will be street theatre.

So is there a highlight act or two, that would make it criminal not to attend? I reckon in my humbl;e opinion the two acts below will be the not to be missed category.

Resembling an Islamic Mosque from the outside and a Gothic Cathedral on the inside, Architects of Air presents their extraordinary luminarium Exxopolis, exclusively for WOMADelaide.
A dazzling maze of winding paths and soaring 10 metre domes lit with dancing hues and saturated colors throughout. For audiences, Exxopolis is transformative wildly stimulating, yet also calming, like a dreamscape where the outside world is forgotten.





Exploding in a procession of colour and dance against the setting evening sun, Artonik’s, The Colour of Time is an interactive homage to India’s traditional Holi festival. Choreographed dancers and musicians lead festivalgoers in a corybantic parade towards a finale of exploding colour as people throw brilliant rainbow shades of gulal powder in the air enclosing the crowd in a joyfully celebration of unity, acceptance and diversity.

Artonik Color Final ©Artonik

Festival Director Ian Scobie  said  both  are  sure  to  be  key  highlights  at  the  2015  festival.  “Both  Architects  of  Air and  Artonikare  exemplary  companies  of  the  highest  stature  and  to  be  able  to  present  both  within  WOMADelaide  is  an  heightened  addition  for  the  2015 program.”

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, other artists include:

New  York  pianist – Thomas  Bartlet
Sean nos  singer -Iarla Ó  Lionai
Electric  blues  harmonica  player – Charlie  Musselwhite
Boston  born  soul  sounds  of  Lake  Street  Dive
Rock  chanteuse –  Sinéad  O’Connor
Swedish  sweethearts – First  Aid  Kit

As you can see from this short list there is a wide range of music to please all ears. As you can imagine there is a lot work that goes into putting together such an event. The organisation of artists from all over the world is no mean feeat. The time differences and the language barriers are just a couple of the problems. The companies supplying the technical gear need to make sure that the right gear is there at the right time, they need to be ready for any changes in line ups, instruments or the bane of all festivals –  weather. These events need to be planned like a military operation, plans and contingency plans ned to be decided months beofre the event takes place. Risk assessments done, equipment booked, transport arranged. THe key to all of this are the people that the audience rarely see, the organisers aqnd the backstage staff. These folk need to be on their feet and ready to adapt to any changes as they happen. Without these people working long hours the audience would not have much of a show to see or hear. The sound, lighting, stage managers and the army of other workers are the true stars at these music festivals, so don’t forget to be grateful for all of the work they do to make WOMAD a success that it is.

Is The Venue Ready?

At this time in Adelaide, venues around town are getting themselves ready for the Fringe or Festival invasion. Performers are consulted, equipments cleaned and some lucky soul has to put it all together. The end result has to be able to work for a number of people. Some venues will have many acts on the same night and there is limited time to change over. So everyone needs to compromise. So what can we do to make things easier? Or do we lets the various companies come and do what they like without much venue intervention. Well I doubt the last idea would work, a venue needs to apply some control over what happens in their venue, especially at festival times. Chaos can rule supreme at these busy times and we need to make sure that it all runs nice and smoothly. Making sure that the clients and the audience have a great time.

Lighting  plan

Lighting plan

The venue needs to have ample equipment and expertise on hand to make sure that the shows look good and are technically great. The best idea is to as early as possible to talk and consult with all of the stakeholders and see what they want to happen in regards to the lighting rig, is there any special equipment they require? Then the technical manager get to work with some CAD software like Vectorworks and draws up a standard lighting plan. Once the tech is designed it is time to communicate with the various clients and see if any thing has changed, share a PDF copy for them all to look at. Make sure you have simple diagrams of where the specials etc are focused within the space. A key eelement to reme3mber with fringe style shows is that you are often dealing with people who have limited theatre experience, so you may have to explain a lot of what we take for granted. The real benefit of explaining the simple things is that later on down the track, if these people have continued in the industry, they will have a better understanding of the technical elements that go into a show.

So once the final design has been decided upon, it is time to get it in the air, focused and working. There is were all of your hard work planning pays off. If you do have the time once you have the rig in the air, coloured and focus; take pictures from a central position in the audience of the specials focus. Then forward these to the clients so they have a better understanding of what they are likely to encounter, this can be useful for overseas clients.

Now all you need to do is when try arrive make life easy for them by second guessing their needs. If not possible listen and help them achieve thier goals. You maybe their operator or they may bring one with them. Now these guys may work in a different way to what you are use to. So try and accept this without compromising your intergrity and safety. Sometimes overseas groups will have a taken idea on work safety. You will need to make sure that they do comply to Australian regulations, but in the nicest possible way. Don’t jump down thier throats as soon as they do something wrong. Explain calmly that here we have to do it in a certain way. I have seen technicians berate other technicians from interstate or overseas because they did something wrong, they did not take the time to explain why it could not be done thier way. What we need to do is  show the Australian and best way to do it.

Thinking ahead with these types of events and making contingency plans will make the whole process a lot smoother and you will enjoy the process and want to do it again. And best of all the client may want to come back and work in your venue again – thus creating more employment for you.

Some of the lights

Hottest Event this Summer – CX Roadshow

cx roadshow 2015

Again CX has packed the truck with lots of tech goodies and sending it out to ram the Australian countryside. Bringing the show to you. This is a very much hands on tradeshow that comes to you. Saving you megabucks in travelling to another capital city. This in one of the more innovative tradeshows and networking opurtunities available. I have been to everyone and it is great to catch up with the suppliers and others within our industry. They become no longer and faceless name in an email.

So I am will be there so look for my report and photos, and I look forward to seeing all you guys as well. Dates and times as below.


There is a great range of companies exhibiting and some great free seminars.  The exhibitors are as follows:



CX Roadshow introduces FREE EVERYTHING!
FREE Seminars and FREE PARKING at all venues!* You must REGISTER *

11am: Free tradeshow with hundreds of new devices from over 20 firms on tour!
11am: Free Seminar: What is in the Spec?
Consultants, designers and integrators from YOUR city talk about what new AV products and technologies that they’re specifying for projects and including in their installations. Get the inside word
12.00pm: Free Demo: PA systems for 500 people. Demo room.
12.30pm: Free Seminar: Any Given Sunday – How We Worship Now
Technology and production managers from YOUR city’s busiest churches discuss how they keep things running smoothly, week in, week out. Covering everything from gear choices to training and managing volunteers, our panel will go in-depth
1.00pm: Lighting Showcase: Newest LED wash, spot and floor fixtures.
2.00pm Free Seminar: Our Venues – Our Call 2pm
Prominent venue managers, tech staff and production personnel from YOUR city discuss YOUR venues; how they’re run, how they’re fitted out, how they can be improved and what they need to stay working and relevant in the future.
2.00pm: Free Demo: PA systems for 500 people. Demo room.
3.00pm: Lighting Showcase: Newest LED wash, spot and floor fixtures.
3.30pm: Free Roundtable: Industry Accreditation Scheme: ‘Let’s squeeze out the Cowboys!’
A round-table discussion with people from YOUR CITY about the problems with production suppliers who don’t insure properly, don’t pay properly, don’t have workers compensation insurance and don’t follow workplace health and safety guidelines properly.
4.30pm: HAPPY HOUR and yes, this is FREE too! With give-aways and more.
6.00pm: Show closes
REGISTER to secure your FREE PLACE: Registered participants seated first in all sessions.
Register for FREE PARKING, only available if we know you are coming in advance. www.cxevents.com.au


Entech 2015

Australia’s premier entertainment technology and installation show – ENTECH will celebrate 21 years this year when it opens the doors for the 2015 Show at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park, Sydney, 7-9 July.

The significant milestone will be celebrated together with exhibitors and visitors with a host of Birthday festivities benefiting all in attendance across the three day event.

Several of the industry’s biggest players have already signed up for the 2015 Show, while the level of enquiry being received suggests a record number will participate.

“In planning our 21st anniversary we recognise that this major achievement is only possible thanks to the ongoing support we receive from the industry and the enthusiasm and willingness of our visitors,” Show Director, Exhibition & Trade Fairs (ETF), Mr Pascal Ibrahim, said.

“The 2015 Show will be a celebration of the passion we all share for the entertainment technology and installation industry, and all of the experiences and activities we have planned are intended to be remembered and enjoyed by all.”

New for 2015, the ENTECH museum, will showcase the technology of 1994 and will include some of the products displayed at the very first ENTECH Show, a fitting tribute to the progress and advancements of the last 21 years.

Visitors will be further spoilt with the announcement that all sessions of the ENTECH Seminar Program will be free to attend. The program has been hugely popular in previous years and is widely recognised within the industry for its ability to provide important education to the live entertainment, installation and AV markets. The program will again be managed by Peta Moore, who will be back for her fifth year producing what has become the industry’s leading seminar program. Seats are limited and so those interested in attending are encouraged to book early, to avoid disappointment.

The Live Outdoor Audio Zone will again be a key feature of the Show, offering audio companies the opportunity to demonstrate the latest audio products in their natural environment. Also returning will be the Riggers Forum, now in its fourth year, it is the only program of its type in the Asia Pacific Region where individuals can network with key industry leaders.

Audio workshops will be introduced in 2015, taking members of the audio community into differing environments to what they are otherwise accustomed to.

A dedicated DJ Zone will provide visitors with the very latest and the best equipment, essential for every venue. While the introduction of a House of Worship Area will satisfy the growing demand for audio and lighting in buildings of worship with specialist training.

And of course what’s a birthday without a Party?? The ENTECH Birthday party will be a gathering for industry members past and present, and will include a number of live performances, food and drinks and much more, with further details to be revealed closer to the date.

ENTECH 2015 will take place at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park, Sydney on 7-9 July 2015. To receive an Exhibitor prospectus or register your interest in attending, please visit www.entechshow.com.au

ENTECH is Australia’s premier entertainment technology and installation show for pro-audio, lighting, AV, integration, rigging and stage technologies.