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  1. Hi Stephen,

    I run a lighting blog for the entertainment industry called I was wondering if you would be willing to do a link exchange with me?
    I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Hi There,
      I am very happy to a link exchange. I will put a link to your site as soon as this has been sent to you.

  2. Greetings;

    I’m very pleased [not to mention pretty relieved] to announce that “A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, Second Edition” is now shipping and available for purchase.

    While Focal Press requested that the second edition to be 25% new or different material, things got a little out of hand. This new edition expands the original 300 page text to 488 pages. There are over sixty new topics, twenty new forms, and fifteen new drafting presentations.

    One advance marketing copy put it this way:

    “The first edition of PG2SL followed the process and explained one set of methods used to create and apply paperwork that culminated in a fully mounted lighting design for the musical Hokey. This second edition pulls back the wizard’s curtain to reveal the step-by-step processes involved in the creation and realization of that lighting design. Shelley expands his focus and provides his diacritical analysis into the methods and processes that take place to create the light plot and a lighting design in the first place.”

    On Friday, October 2, Focal Press established a 20% discount code for the book when ordered through their website. Visit, order the book, and when checking out, enter the following Promotional Code: YT007 (that’s Y-T-zero-zero-seven). This offer is good until the end of October.

    As Jim Moody, author of “Concert Lighting” wrote on the back cover:

    “If you are looking for esoteric design theory, this is not the book for you. However, if you need a get-down-to-business, everything you think you needed to know, nothing left out, lists of questions you should ask, answers you should consider, check lists, and the most extensive graphic layout of forms and focus information in any book, then this second edition has answered all your questions and a bunch you didn’t think you needed to know. You have got to have this book if you consider yourself a professional, period.”

    “A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, Second Edition” is available and shipping now. Order your copy today and get the book for 20% discount. Save some money and get the text hailed as “the most trusted guide to stage lighting!”


    Steve Shelley

    • Thanks for the info about the book “A pratical Guide to Stage Lighting, 2nd Edition” . sounds good but since I have not got a copy to review I cannot use the info in my blog. If I do ever recieve a copy I will of course read it and then write a review on this book. I am pleased that you have released this book as I am sure industry people and students will find it of use. And it is great to see such a well known publisher , Focal, continue to put out books that are are interest. I will let you know if ever I revue your book.

  3. Yes I did receive your book to review. Working on review at the moment. Book is very good and I am enjoying it. In last couple of months my blog blog was noticed by a trade magazine, CX magazine here in Australia, and they have asked me to submit articles etc to them. So I am writing material and submitting it to them before I publish on blog in case they want to buy the article. So the review for your book may be published in a magazine before I put it up on my blog.If you have anything else you think I would like to review (or know of something) let me know I am always looking for inspiration.I will let you know when I or the magazine publishes and do keep in touch.Cheers,Stephen

  4. Thanks for the awards update. It is amazing. Are these rates just for professional companies. How would these rates affect community arts facilities that are Not for profit and running on a shoestring? Appreciate your response.

  5. Hi,

    I am happy to spread the word about International Day of Remembrance for Road Crew. I have just one question: is this the first year of it or has it been going on for several years? This is the first time I have heard of it.

    -Patrick Hudson,

    • Hi Patrick,
      This is the second year that this has been run. It seems like a good idea so I thought I would run a story about it.



    • Pcstage is now no longer available. You will have to install an older operating system to get it going.

      • I was hoping you wouldn’t say that !!

        Do you happen to know if it will run on Win7…..and is there any issue with 64bit of any flavour.

        We updated our dying P4 ….was running XP, so is that the best option do you think, dual boot or reformat with XP ??

        Still works very well, and there are now dongles out of China for $40, so it may be old, but still worth exploring we think

        Perhaps there is another Controller you would suggest to replace PCStage ?

        Many Thanks for a prompt response….we are Sth Coast NSW BTW with a show on in a couple of weeks, so want to get this going for tech rehearsals this week if we can

      • It will run on Win 7, I am doing that at the moment. 64-bit will prove a challenge as you need to find PCstage 64-bit drivers. I would suggest getting a low end machine running win 7 in 32-bit. In regards to those dongles from China, are there able to run PCStage, I doubt very much. PCStage software is designed to recognise the dongle and some software that is embedded in the dongle. so if you buy them you are throwing your money away. If you are looking for another brand I would suggest and ENTTEC Pro dongle, they are not expensive and easily available in Australia. I also have this as well.You then can run one universe of Martin on PC, Lightfactory, Chamsys MagicQ PC and there is even software on ENTTEC’s website that will work. There is also a Jands dongle running Vista- which is a wonderful piece of software or LSC’s Clarity as well.

  6. Hi Stephen, I am enjoying your articles and I am gaining a greater insight into the industry. Would it be possible for you to write an article about Wireless-DMX , it’s limitations and its liability to sabotage. (Most Wireless dmx system work in the 2.4ghz or 5ghz spectrum the same that is used by common WiFi) According to PLSN The upcoming run of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal in London relies heavily on Wireless DMX (Glass Elevator, Costumes, Moving-Stages, smoke machines etc.) They are using a total of 4 Wireless DMX universes that work in the WiFi spectrum. What would happen if a mischievous competitor or guest brings a WiFi Jammer with them to a show. They do come as cheap as $80 . Will Wireless DMX become a problem and be responsible for cancelled shows and huge losses of money. It would be great to get some opinions from an experienced professional. Is Wireless-DMX really secure? What do you think?

  7. Hi Steve

    We have the Interface, but it was a 2005 build, and has seemingly died “not recognised” and no lights….wonder if you may have heard of anything to replace it….maybe a 5pin to USB dongle out of Asia….time is not on our side, so any thoughts very gratefully recieved

  8. Thx for the reply
    We have it running again on an old XP machine as the drivers for 8.1 do not seem to exist, nor does running a “legacy” option work….we had it going on Win8, just fell over after the upgrade to 8.1

    Our fear is that the old interface will fail eventually, so a replacement would be prudent in anticipation….there may be some clever Asian makers who have jammed the old box into a USB we we’re thinking…??

    • Are you trying to run PC Stage from Lowernab on another brand of DMX interface. The bad news is that it will not run on anything except their own interface boxes.

      • Hi

        No, we have their box, but given that it is 10 years old, and the entire system seems to have be unsupported for most of the last decade, we rather hoped someone may have created an alternative by now… belt and braces for the eventual failure of the electronics in the old box really

      • Unfortunately because the market is so small for PC Stage, noone elses boxes will work with the software. The DMX interface from PC Stage has propietary software on an EPPROM that the PC Stage software looks for. So the best thing to do is look at alternatives. I would suggest the ENTTEC interface, this works with a lot of free software that is out there.

  9. Hi, Thanks for your review about the Qu-16.
    I have a Qu-24 and I love it. A couple of works with it with heavy metal bands show that I have a desk for a long time!

  10. To Whom it May Concern,

    My name is Laura. I am the publicity manger for an up and coming show called “WHAT IF”, coming to the 2017 Adelaide Fringe.

    I have attached a press release. There is a really engaging story behind this show and given the opportunity, I see a really strong fit for a feature and or review. I am in the process of organising publicity and interviews for the show in the lead up to the premiere.

    Would there be a good time to call to discuss? Or feel free to email me or call me directly.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Laura Colella – “WHAT IF”
    PR & Stage Manager to Director

    • Hi Laura, Thank you for your email. Unfortunately this is not the right website for what you would like to do. This site is for technical theatre. Light, audio equipment etc and how to do sort of stuff.

  11. Hi Stephen, I have been using PCStage along with the Lowernab Box for the past 5 years and found it really useful and easy to use. Unfortunately I had nasty Trojan find its way onto my Vista computer and had to re-install the operating system from back-up files. When I tried to run PCStage it kept throwing up an error ” missing rtl70.bpl” file on my computer. Has anyone else experienced this? I would appreciate any help in trying to solve this problem as I need to use PCStage to light a forthcoming show.
    PS The program did generate a bug report, but this does not mean much to me.
    PPS I tried downloading a new copy of PCStage from the website, but this too would not install giving the same error.
    Thanks for any help.

    • Hi, Sorry for late reply. I will check my installed verion in next day or so and get back to you about that file. I vaguely remember having a similar issue.

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