The SL BAR 720ZT from Philips Entertainment Lighting

A new release from the Philips Entertinment Lighting group.

A high performance linear wash and effect luminaire. DMX motorized zoom and tilt combined with powerful output make the SL BAR 720ZT an ideal solution for blended linear washes and distinctive dynamic beam effects. DMX  8, 14,21 channel modes with RDM. There is an onboard display to set it up. It has continously variable speed fans to keep to temperature under control.

Features and benefits
•5000 lumens.
• Low power consumption – 420W maximum.
• 5.5-30° zoom range.
• High output saturated colors mid-air effects.
• Designed to withstand the riggers of the entertainment industry.
• Easy install utilizing detachable 1/2 turn Omega clamps for quick
swap over from floor to hang.
• Easy removable front lens for infield cleaning.
• Two year limited warranty.

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FM Digital Install a ‘Virtual Catwalk’ in Toowoomba’s Grand Central Shopping Centre

In this unique and clever installation, 12 LED screens run video content that stimulates a live fashion show. A Green Hippo AMBA handles all the video and audio content with ease.

Watch to see the install in action, and hear John Westney from FM Digital talk about how Green Hippo made it all a reality.

Australian Distributor: Lexair

Starting Out – Tip 1


Remember back to when you started out in technical theatre. How did you learn about the ins and out of the backstage magic. Often an old hand was around to show us the ropes, and it still the same today. But is there a way to actually improve your knowledge? Well for lighting it often a great idea to get your hands on some equipment and play with it in your own time. Take it home, or find a quite space to set it up and experiment with it. See what you can do, see how it focuses, what you can achieve with the shutters and barndoors if using a fresnel. Get some colour and see what the colour of light has on different costumes, and materials. Even if different materials appear to be the same colour, if they are made from different types of material they react to light differently.

Learn how to change the lamps in the theatre lights, learn how not to touch the glass. Learn how to clean and maintain them. The more familiar you are with equipment, the more you will understand how to use it and use it efficiently.

Do not be afraid to ask questions, just time the asking of your question so as not to interfere with complex tasks. Most of us are happy to explain how things work and to show you simple short-cuts to make your job easier.

With this knowledge you are then an asset whether it is an amateur theatre company of you are starting out in a professional environment. Most of all remember to enjoy your learning.

New Control Products from Elation Professional Ease Lighting Communication

Elation Professional is pleased to offer three new lighting control products designed to ease communication, optimize functionality and increase compatibility of intelligent lighting systems.

The 4CAST DMX BRIDGE™ is a compact 4-universe wireless device which seamlessly bridges WiFi, Art-Net, sACN, and E-FLY™ (Elation’s wireless DMX solution) signals to wirelessly control compatible DMX devices, an ideal solution for small production events, nightclubs, bars or any event or venue which requires hidden data cables. The 4CAST DMX BRIDGE creates a private standalone 2.4 GHz DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) WiFi network, which coexists in busy RF environments alongside other wireless technologies. No existing network infrastructure is required, or it can connect to an external network. The device sends constant and reliable wireless DMX signals to compatible DMX devices via DMX-512, Art-Net, sACN, or E-FLY. Using the 4CAST iOS app installed on an iOS compatible device provides additional easy control of compatible DMX devices.

eNode2 POE
The eNode2 POE™ is a compact 2-universe Ethernet-DMX node powered over Ethernet (POE) that supports Art-Net compatible DMX control systems utilizing a single RJ45 auto-switching 10/100Mbps Neutrik etherCON input and two multi-configuration 5pin Neutrik DMX data outputs. Features include DMX bilateral conversion support, a 4-button control panel, an OLED system menu display and 3 LED status indicators. Compact and made of lightweight die-cast aluminum, it includes a mini omega bracket for easy clamp/truss mounting. No external power supply or cord is needed.

IPC415-DMX Power Control Center
The IPC415 is an intelligent DMX power control center featuring 4x powerCON outputs (15A max each), 4x 5pin XLR DMX outputs, 1x 5pin XLR DMX input, and 1x 5pin XLR DMX thru-put. Power to the powerCON outputs can be scheduled to automatically switch ON/OFF via an internal scheduler when the DMX signal is lost or when a specific cue is triggered from a DMX console. The IPC415 can be mounted in a standard 19-inch rack space using the included rack ears, or truss mounted using a clamp (not included) attached to the M10 rigging point in the center of the unit. It includes a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v) for use anywhere in the world.

Elation Professional US

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Tel: (866) 245-6726 (toll free)

Tel: (323) 582-3322


Elation Professional EU

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The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)45 546 85 66

Jands becomes L-Acoustics Certified Distribution Partner for Australia

L-Acoustics is pleased to announce the appointment of Jands as its new certified distribution partner for Australia, with effect from 1st January 2018. Jands’ distribution arm represents the best professional audio and lighting products, selected from the world’s most renowned suppliers. Jands is set to provide L-Acoustics with an increased penetration into the Australian marketplace, whilst adding L-Acoustics to its roster further solidifies Jands’ position as the go to distributor for premier brands.

“My first introduction to L-Acoustics was when, along with Peter Ratcliffe from JPS, I visited the factory in 2000,” says Paul Mulholland, Jands’ Managing Director. “It was clear from our first introduction to the V-DOSC speaker cabinet that L-Acoustics was destined to become a dominant force in live sound. JPS became the L-Acoustics rental network partner for Australia and I watched as the pioneers of line array continued to develop ever more innovative products. I am proud that Jands now represents L-Acoustics and excited that our company will be able to provide the best solutions to our customers in the fixed installation and touring market.”

Jands has a team dedicated to offering technical and design support to its customers around Australia, along with product training for contractors and end users. The team comprises production and installed product specialists with decades of combined experience.

“We have recently appointed two business development managers who will focus on the touring production and live venue markets around Australia,” explains Mulholland. “Both BDMs have a background in the production industry and work with current and new Jands customers to discover ideal solutions for their needs.”

“We’re delighted to have Jands join the L-Acoustics family,” says Tim McCall, L-Acoustics regional sales manager. “We have had considerable success in Australia over the last decade and aim to build on this strong base. We have a natural synergy with privately owned, technology and solution-focused partners. I think we now have that with Paul and his team.

“The history, technical expertise and depth of knowledge inherent within the team at Jands, working closely with myself and other familiar faces, will bring greater focus and resources to the market, which are necessary with the introduction of innovative technologies embedded in systems such as Syva and L-ISA. This is an evolutionary move to the next level for L-Acoustics in Australia. Expect more exciting news in the near future.”

Jands Pty Ltd • 40 Kent Rd • Mascot NSW 2020 • Australia
Phone: +61 2 9582 0909 • Facsimile: +61 9582 0999

Organised chaos – the bump in

Bump in day has arrived. So how smoothly it runs depends on how you plan it. You don’t want it to take longer than necessary as you do have an important deadline. Opening night is what you are aiming for. So you need to work out a plan so that you use the people and resources as efficiently as possible.

Recently there was at a bump in. All I was supplying the lighting design. So the rest of the cast and crew did all of the other backstage tasks. Such as building the furniture. Now this was the first problem that was encountered on the first day. The lighting was all rigged, all that was needed was to finish the final focus. This required for furniture to be in place. Unfortunately it was not all there, it needed to be delivered. It was to arrive the next day. So  I arrived the next day, unfortunately when I arrived the next day, the furniture was in the dock and the guys where assembling a coffee table on stage. 3 hours later, they completed this task and I dozed in the corner. So that threw plans out the window. So slowly plotting time was eaten by a lot of waiting around. It was good that there were not to many cues. The unfortunate thing in this saga is we did not get a full run with lights and audio. A learning experience for the client.

So what do we take from this case? We need to make sure that there is a written schedule that all people have a copy of. If the client has a problem doing that task, offer to do it for them or at least assist. Then people know what is meant to be done when. It was partly my fault – I should have offered to put something together. Therefore my time at least would not have been wasted.  I had assumed that since they had done a show at another venue that they understood time and how to schedule it. It was a good show, just a long winded process to get it in front of the audience.

Jands realigns distribution strategies with an eye to the future

Jands Pty Ltd, a leading Australian distributor of audio, lighting and staging products announced today one of the outcomes of a strategic review of their business. This review commenced early in 2017 with the purpose of developing a company structure and product strategy that will see Jands best positioned for the future.

This process encompassed a companywide review of both Jands’ business strengths and the strengths of its key suppliers. As a result of this review, in July Jands began an internal restructure designed to better align the organisation to the strategies and product roadmaps of its key suppliers. Numerous new roles have been created, with many having already been filled, to further strengthen Jands’ reputation for education, training, product support and to improve the customer experience in key markets. As part of this process Jands also undertook a strategic review of its key supplier relationships to ensure that Jands is truly aligning with partners who have similar strengths and strategic vision.

As a result of this review, and due to diverging priorities and strategic direction between both parties, Jands determined it will no longer represent HARMAN Professional Solutions in the Australia territory. By mutual agreement with Harman this will take effect on 1st February 2018.

Paul Mulholland, Managing Director of Jands said “my association with Harman commenced in 1971 when I purchased my first JBL loudspeaker for use in the Jands rental business. This association continued through the appointment of Jands as the Australian JBL Distributor in 1984 and onto the representation of the entire Harman audio portfolio. In the past year or more it has become apparent that Jands business philosophy and product strategy is no longer aligned with Harman and out of respect to the long and successful relationship I determined it is best for both parties that we part.”

Jands will continue to support current owners and supply Harman Professional Solutions product in the market until 1st February 2018.