About Me

Hi I am Stephen Dean. With over 30 years experience in the industry I am well placed to comment and talk about trends, issues and all things technical. I have extensive experience in all facets of the industry, from audio, set construction, lighting, technical direction, production management and stage management. I have worked on show big and small. I believe that the sharing of knowledge is vital to our industry.

I am currently the resident Venue Technician at the Bakehouse Theatre, here I design lighting for Unseen Theatre Company, and for 2011 for Accidental Productions.I also write for CX magazine on a variety of topics on the entertainment industry. I am also extremely interested in the OHS side of the industry.

Please Note All material is copyrighted to me. Any infringement of my rights will result in prosecution. If you want to use something please ask.

I am also a competent lighting designer. Having designed such shows as:


  • Double Bill, Arts Theatre West End London– Lighting Design
  • Shakespeare’s Queens: She-wolves and Serpents, Straylight Australia – Lighting Design and Operation Edinburgh Fringe
  • The Big Bite-Size Show, White Room Theatre – Lighting Design/ Technical Manager and operator Edinburgh Fringe
  • Antigone University of Adelaide Theatre Guild – Lighting Design
  • Educating Rita, Bakehouse Theatre Co – Lighting Design
  • If These Walls Could Talk –  Lighting Design
  • PRATCHETT  PIECES THREE, Unseen Theatre – Lighting Design, AV Design, Audio Design
  • 2013 Fringe @ Bakehouse Theatre


  • Sexual Perversity in Chicago by Accidental Productions – Lighting Design
  • Innocence by Accidental Productions – Lighting Design
  • Molly’s Shoes by Accidental Productions – Lighting Design
  • Shakespeare’s Mothers: Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know, Straylight Australia – Lighting Design
  • When Harry Met Harry, Flaming Locomotive Productions – Lighting Design
  • Medicine Man, Chris Shephard – Lighting Design
  • 2011 Fringe @ Bakehouse Theatre

I am basically a very busy Theatre Technician in the fair city of Adelaide. I work at many venues around Adelaide, they include Golden Grove Arts Centre, Parks Arts & Functions Complex and Starplex.
I also work with Australian Audio & Lighting Technology, we supply lighting and audio to event ranging from duo’s to large outdoor events. We also supply and install lighting and audio equipment throughout South Australia.

I am very happy for you to link to this site, but if you want to use any of the information on this site please ask first.

There is also a Facebook Fan Page – Ramblings of A Techie

You can contact me via the contact page or via this email ramblingsofatechie@gmail.com

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