Starting out – Tip 3

Learn your equipment. Get familiar with the equipment you are going to be using. See how to change the bulb, zoom the lens and how to focus. Get familiar where the controls are on the lantern. Get use to adjusting the shutters or barndoors. The more you know the equipment the quicker you can work. This then makes you a useful member of the lighting team. If you can grab a lantern hang it, lock it off and make it safe with the safety cable you are on the way. When you can then make adjusts to the lantern in accordance to the designers wish’s you are then useful. The more you practice the better.

It is also useful to learn how to look after the equipment and repair and maintain. simply cleaning the fixture and lenses can a big difference to the useful life of the unit. Also clean lenses mean the maximum amount is available. I have gone into venues with filthy lenses and you get about 50% of the light coming out. People are surprised what a simple lens clean can do.

So the tip really is to get to know as much equipment as possible. This way you gain knowledge and make yourself useful.


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