Press Release: upgrade to the Hog 4 OS – v3.6.0. Out in the wild

Well it seems it is time to upgrade your Hog. High End have released the latest Hog 4 OS – v3.6.0.


This new version has some new and improved features for all of you keen Hog users. So download and update your consoles and PC’s to be the latest. I will download in the next few days and see what the improvements are. So for the moment here are a few new features to keep your appetite whetted.

Batches can contain one or more Lists or Scenes and can be assigned to a Playback Master. Once assigned to a Master the Playback bar will show status for all of the included Lists or Scenes.

The Batch preferences allow for each Batch master fader to scale Intensity / playback rate / effects rate or size for all of the contained Lists or Scenes. Lists and scenes may be assigned to multiple Batches to allow for separate Intensity / Playback Rate.

The Batch directory can be opened by using the keyboard shortcut (pig+open+list), Lists and Scenes are added to Batches by moving one or more items at a time From the List or Scene Directory into a slot in the Batch Directory. Batches are assigned to Masters by using the move function.

Effect Spread
A new effect offset control mechanism has been added to the 5th encoder wheel of Hog 4 and Full Boar 4 consoles when the effect kind is selected.

The effect spread is a simple way to spread the effect offset evenly among the selected fixtures. For example, an effect spread of 100% evenly distributes the effect offset values for the currently selected fixtures from 0 to 360 degrees so that every fixture within the selection has a unique offset.

The effect spread value is not stored in cues, scenes or palettes. Instead the effect spread is treated as a front-end tool to establish individual offsets among selected fixtures.

Auto Patch For Media Servers
AutoPatch is an easy way to quickly detect and patch fixtures that are connected and properly configured on the console’s FixtureNet port.

The following fixtures are currently supported by Hog 4 OS for autopatch:
Arkaos MediaMaster (Software v5.0.3), High End Systems Axon HD (Software v1.0.3), High End Systems Axon HD Pro (Software v1.0.3), High End Systems DL.HD (Software v1.0.3), High End System MMS-100 (Software v1.0.3)

Hog 4 OS will use the information supplied by the fixtures to:
Schedule the fixtures.
Patch the fixtures to the appropriate dmx channels using the lowest available Hog universe.
Establish an ArtNet output mapping to the fixture in the art-net outputs tab of the DP8000 node settings window.
In Australia contact Lexair on the numbers below.
If you have any questions or problems please don’t hesitate to contact Alex on 0418 691 509, Renaat on 0477 539 222 or Tony on 0477 539 247.



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