A Fringe bump in?

No matter what Fringe you are performing at, it is really important to get your act together. Well you would hope so. But not always the case. Recent bump in that I had to do was rather interesting. Now this show had a successful season in another city a few before it arrived here. So I thought, this won’t be to bad. They will have audio, vision all sorted out. It will be just a matter of plotting lighting cues to match the directors intentions. Wrong. Plotted lighting cues, but was not handed a script to put notes ins – okay they will cue me -specifically the audio/vision operator will. That is okay I am use to that. Then they have several problems with QLab on two MACs. It was fun to watch. The audio and video was not ready on either MACs and there was licensing issues. ¬†So an hour later than planned we start rehearsals, the AV guy inserted into his electronic copy of the script the points the lighting went, when the director remembered. This I printed they next to discover than some of the cues were missing. No matter I will fix that during the first performance. That was more like a full dress rehearsal with an audience and critics, but we survived dodgy sound fx and lighting cues slightly out of time. But that is the joy of working on Fringe shows, coping with the unexpected with very little time.


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