Mad Adelaide Time

It is that time of the year in Adelaide. People have to much choice in entertainment. But it also means that venues, technical staff, suppliers are stretched to the limit. We have equipment going to pop up venues, traditional venues. Basically anywhere a show is there is bound to be some gear from a hire company. Technicians are rigging, focusing and making magic for people from around the world. So what is happening? Adelaide Festival of Arts, Adelaide Fringe, WOMADelaide and Clipsal 500. This is the busiest time in Adelaide, you can just tell as a visitor, the streets are crowded the traffic is nightmare. The only problem is those involved in a lot of the shows actually don’t get a chance to see what others are doing. There are shows at the same time each evening and if like me, the techs at least have to be at the venue 7 days a week for the entire Fringe. So unfortunately techs and other creatives don’t get a chance to see what others are doing. We don’t get a chance to learn from others and get inspiration.

So you can see that people are being keep busy and making money. Well we hope there are, there is a couple of cases of producers getting students in to operate shows for nothing or well under a decent pay rate for an experienced technician. Lets hope this not a common practice. Everybody is presenting professional events and therefore needs to pay accordingly to their crew, cast etc.

But here’s to the success of all of the events in Mad March.


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