Fringe Workshop

It is that time of the year, Fringe time in Adelaide. We see hundreds of venues with just over a 1000 shows.  So if you are a first time company where do you get the necessary skills for the technical aspects. Will this course might help you work your way through the maze. It will give you an overview of the technical aspects of putting on a show. It will give you some useful pointers and some knowledge about what the technicians are talking about and therefore making your job easier.

Our short 5-hour course is designed to help you with the technical aspects of your Fringe Show. This course is tailored to help you understand what information you need and the information the show gives you. Then we will explain how to take that information and incorporate it into the technical elements of your show.


We will cover:

  • Lantern types
  • Lighting desks
  • Audio desks
  • Understanding paperwork and plans
  • Working with the technician if you have one
  • How to get what you want
  • Technical rehearsals, plotting, and pre-planning


This course is for newcomers and novices.

This course is brought to you by BallyHoo Productions, Ramblings of a Techie and The Bakehouse Theatre.


Bring your questions.

Limited tickets available.

Tickets here



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