The Silly Season

dancing-santaAs we near the end of the silly season. We have all done end of year dance concerts, music concerts, presentations. We have probably shown an image of Santa several times a day. We have sat through trophy ceremonies. Swept glitter and confetti from the stage into the pit. Have we grown tired of the same songs in rotation?

Have we learnt from this year what we can do to improve what we do next year? Often we have several similar types of events near each other in the diary. Is it possible to have these run concurrently, so that we can leave certain elements set up that they may all need. Take dance concerts, here we can leave the dance tarkett rolled out and taped just once. The sidelights can be rigged and left.  I know some dance schools don’t like them, so don’t use them for those. But you will be amazed at how much better the concert will look with lights from the side, it makes the dance routine pop. Your SM station is set up, playback systems and foldback ready and last but not least your caffeine dispenser is primed and ready. So make a note of what you have set up and which clients like what. You will often get clients coming back year after year, and if you roughly remember what they like they will appreciate it. Speech nights are another thing that you could have some similar set ups, often a lectern, mic and a special on them. Try and set them up the same.

Now it might sound like I am trying to make all clients fit the same mold, will it seems they do try and do similar things. They see each other at different events and they try to copy ideas. Often you get the same piece of music in every concert. You might get similar projection graphics.

So the trick is to be prepared for this time of the year. Make sure that your maintenance is up to date. You will not have much time except for simple repairs. If you have moving lights, make sure you have some cool palettes saved that you can quickly access. You need to be ready for the silly season and to be able to enjoy it as well. This is the colmination of these groups year of work, so we need to make it good and fun and friendly. It needs to run smooth, don’t be afraid to say no, but say it politely. They do understand that certain things, effects are not always possible. It is not worth anyone getting anxious and stressed – plan and you will be almost headache free.



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