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This is a very important project that we all need to get behind. Roderick van Gelder is very passionate about safety in our industry and has decided to start this fund raising process to develop this Safety Resource Guide. We all remember the Live Performance effort from a few years ago. This is where they tried to come up with a series of documents that would act as guides for the industry and were based on the new harmonised WHS act and regulations and the Australian Standards. These seemed to have disappeared into thin air. They were released at an industry trade and then no more was heard. To quote:

Other than the now 15 years old Live Performance Australia “Safety Guidelines for Entertainment Industry” there are no safety guidelines for the entertainment industry. In 2012 the Event Safety Alliance Australia tried to bring people together to collectively write the Event Safety Guide for the entertainment industry by the entertainment industry but sadly failed to raise enough awareness, money and participation. (2016,

Well Roderick who has been in the industry for many years and is a firm believer in safe work practises (as is this author) within our industry, well he has decided to follow the British model and research and put to together a guide. This will marry all of the relevant regulations, standards, guidelines etc. into one easy readable booklet that will be a boon to all that work in this industry, from technician to venue manager. This undertaking is incredible large and therefore this fundraising effort should be supported to make it happen.

Lack of Insulation

Lack of Insulation

Again to quote Roderick:

What is it?
The Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide will be based on the UK ‘Purple Guide’ format. The Purple Guide, which was written by experts within the event industry, with Government guidance, was originally a 21
chapter document, first published in 1992, aiming to help companies, organisations and individuals who organise live events, such as the Glastonbury and V Festival, to ensure that the event runs safely. The document itself has now been revamped and includes 23 chapters.

The strength of the Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide is that it will go beyond the standard Work Health and Safety Act, covering not only health and safety legislation, but industry specific good practice and legislation such as Fire Safety, crowd management and alcohol licensing.
And it will not just be valuable for large festivals or concerts. Community theatres have the same obligations as Performing Arts Centres but not the same resources. A street festival has the same obligations as Vivid Sydney. A theatre company production has the same obligations as a large Arts Festival. And all will benefit from the Safety Resource Guide.
It is essential to keep in mind that it will be precisely that, a safety resource guide, a starting point providing advice on organising a safe event. The aim is to help you interpret the current Act and Regulation and implement the advice in the resource guide to meet your obligations.

So I commend Roderick for undertaking this mammoth task and I suggest we all get behind him. It is time we had a starting point from which to start. If we all have the same information from which to plan the safe implementation of our shows, events, concerts etc we then can see what we need to do to be safe. We then have the resources to research further when planning our events to make sure we have done everything possible to make them safe.

So if you want to support this please go to:

Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide

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