Adelaide Convention Centre tames The Plenary Hall with Leopard

The Adelaide Convention Centre has chosen Meyer Sound’s LEOPARD compact line array for their new 3,500 seat Plenary Hall, set to open in mid-2017. The ACC considered audio quality, size, aesthetics, and technology in the selection process, ultimate choosing the Meyer Sound solution as the best product for the job in a centre that prides itself on its industry technology leadership. The Plenary will be covered by a left-right hang of 10 elements of LEOPARD per side, with low-end extension from three complementary 900-LFC subwoofers per side, rigged in cardioid pattern.


Not just a simple, static hall, The Plenary will be able not only to split in half, but add two banks of 300 pax each raked seating on circular revolves the rear of the auditorium, which rotate independently and bring in their own walls to form separate break-out spaces. If that wasn’t enough, the main auditorium’s 2,900 seats can retract into the ceiling, forming a banquet space or independent meeting rooms underneath. The ACC didn’t just need something powerful, they needed something flexible, easy to adjust, and intelligent as well.

The ACC need to support many different configurations in the Plenary, but didn’t want to have to continually physically adjust and reconfigure PA boxes. The LEOPARD system will be flown and installed, and different configuration settings will be loaded remotely via Meyer Sound’s Compass software or Compass Go iPad app. This system design has avoided unsightly ground stacks, often a cause of customer complaints, and vastly reduces ongoing labour costs and equipment wear and tear.
“We’ve designed the system so the ACC don’t have to constantly fly the system in and out,” said Meyer Sound Australia’s Chris D’Bais. “We will run individual signal and power feeds to every box, and through our Galileo GALAXY processing, the ACC will be able remotely load whichever preset suits the room configuration – if they’re only using the front half of the room, for example, they can turn the top of the array off so there’s no extra SPL bouncing around the empty space. Each independent space will have its own independent processor, so separate users can control their sub-systems. Then in full mode, the main processor collates all the data and controls the combined system.”


Front fill, and under balcony fill in the Plenary will be covered by Meyer Sound UPM-1P and UPJunior compact wide coverage speakers respectively, while the rotating meeting rooms and lower meeting rooms will be benefit from Meyer’s IntelligentDC technology, which enables multiple installation speakers to receive power and signal from a single multiconductor cable, saving cabling and labour costs. In the near future, the ACC will also have the option to distribute signal and control via AVB with Meyer’s new Galileo Galaxy processors. Rounding out the full system in the Plenary will be 16 units of Meyer’s low profile MJF-208 self-powered stage monitors; low-profile dual 8” compression driver wedges weighing in at just 21 kgs.

Meyer Sound Australia


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