Quickie Review – Martin Rush PAR 2 RGBW Zoom

Rush Par 2

I recently managed to get my hands on a couple of these LED fixtures from Martin. These LED fixtures that are being released are getting better all of the time. These fixtures in particular are very well made, they felt solid and robust. The light output was pretty good and intense for a lot of smaller spaces. The 12 x 10watt RGBW LEDs are very good at putting out useful amount of light. These fixtures have a motorised zoom function from 10deg to 60 degrees and it is a very usable beam range. The electronic dimming was also extremely good; it was very smooth through the whole range.
The fixture is very easy to set up; there is a rear panel through which you can access all of the parameters of the fixture. It only consumes 8 channels of DMX. It can also be left to run in a stand-alone mode – which can be set up from the rear panel. You can also set the white balance from the rear panel so that you can match more closely other fixtures in your lighting rig. As with most fixtures these days it has strobe and pulse effects.
In use this fixture is easy to rig, at only 5.5kgs it is not a chore to rig. All the controls at the rear are easy to access. Power in is through a PowerCon connector with a loop through connect so that you can chain several together. DMX data in and through is 5pin XLR as per the standard for DMX. There is no provision for 3 pin Power consumption is around 150watts.
I found it very easy to set up and use these fixtures. The output is very nice and reasonable punchy on the stages I have been using them on. They give good stage coverage, fast response. Ideal for small to medium size venues that need decent wash or backlight.

For more information, follow this link http://www.martin.com



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