PR Lighting Announces New XR 1000 Framing Now at Jands

XR 1000 Framing

XR 1000 Framing

Now available from JANDS Australia a great new fixture from PR Lighting.

PR Lighting’s new XR 1000 Framing, which begins shipping next month, promises a brighter output than a conventional 1200W discharge lamp from a 1000W metal halide lamp source — thanks to its superior optics.

The fixture has been built with an advanced feature-set that includes a wide beam angle of 11°-51°, which is linearly adjustable in 16 bit, an excellent framing system (with four framing blades offering 0°-90° rotation, with different size and shape graphics to produce a curtain effect.

More compact and lightweight than comparative models on the market, it also boasts a good cooling system.

In addition to the above, other features of the XR 1000 Framing include: Smooth CYM colour mixing, with CTO and macro; Colour wheel with seven colour filters; Linear colour temperature correction; 7 rotating high speed gobos and 7 fixed gobos (all replaceable); DMX control; Linearly adjustable focus; DMX linear zooming; Linearly adjustable dimmer from 0%-100% and linearly adjustable iris from 5%-100%; Adjustable pan and tilt speed; 3-facet bi-directional, variable speed prism wheel; Frost Filter; Double strobe/shutter blades, 0.3~25 fps; RDM control protocol and Wireless DMX; Input signal isolating protection; Built-in analyzer for easy fault finding and error messages; Modular construction for easy maintenance.

PR Lighting reports that they have already received favourable reports from their global partners following the first advanced shipment.


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