As mentioned on my Facebook page, Thursday 26th Feb, early EFT has sold ENTECH to the CX Network. Below is the press release from EFT.

Exhibitions & Trade Fairs (ETF) today announced the sale of the ENTECH trade show to the CX Network, headed by ENTECH founder Julius Grafton.

Having acquired ENTECH in 2004, ETF successfully operated the event for some time. ETF launched a satellite event, ENTECH-CONNECT which has run successfully in Melbourne on off-years to the main ENTECH trade show in Sydney.

ETF have advised that the forthcoming Sydney ENTECH, scheduled for July will now not proceed.

CX Network operates the CX Summer Roadshow, a touring ‘pop-up’ trade show. They plan to re-name the Roadshow as ‘CX presents the ENTECH Roadshow’ for 2016. CX Network head Julius Grafton confirmed today they have no intention of running a traditional trade show in any form.

ETF Managing Director, Gary Daly said,

“We are pleased that the CX Network will continue with ENTECH. They an integral part of the industry in Australia and have a detailed knowledge of the market.”

Mr Daly said that ETF’s priority now was to move forward with a focus on the existing portfolio of shows and the development of new events in emerging markets.

This is surely going to make the Roadshow so much better. I see it as a big step forward and the winners are going to be those that cannot get to Sydney or Melbourne for a once year trade show, but will be able to find the time to visit one in their local city. I expect that ‘CX presents the ENTECH Roadshow’ will grow in size to accommodate more suppliers but not to big to alienate the attending public. As CX has states:

Other tech industry Roadshows are anticipated, as the format offers superior return on investment for exhibitors. CX Roadshow is very popular with visitors who appreciate the ease of navigation and the single day footprint in each major city.

So this year’s ENTECH in Sydney is cancelled and a new version is rising under the leadership of Julius and his team. I am sure it will grow and be what people need in a tradeshow.




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