CX Roadshow 2015

cx roadshow 2015

It is that time of the year when as many of Adelaide’s technicians as possible descend on the Adelaide Convention Centre for the CX Roadshow. This has become a regular event in the calendar for many of us. The usual culprits are there, not counting Julius, Jimmy, Steve and Jason from CX. This year the attendance did seem to up on the previous year. They were folk there that I knew have never been to the CX show. There was a lot of networking happening around the convention centre. This is one of the key benefits of such a trade show. It is not just the equipment that people are interested in  but the exchange of information, ideas and a bit of boasting.

There was the usual range of equipment on display from a lot of the key players. Quality over quantity, with 22 companies displaying their popular products and showing their latest offering to a buying audience.

There were plenty of information seminars to keep people informed, demos to showcase equipment. It may be a small show compared to trade shows held only in Sydney and Melbourne but it was well attended and a lot of people hung around for most of the day.

Well here’s to next year, at the same time and same place to catch up with suppliers and network again. We need to thank CX for putting together what has become an annual event.


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