WOMAD – World music excitement


Adelaide again hosts WOMAD in March. This is a chance for an Adelaide audience to sample some of the best music that world can offer. With multiple stages presenting acts from around the world, the audiences are in for a treat. The dates for this musical smorgasboard are 6th to the 9th of March 2015.  4 days of  around 400 of the top traditional and contemporary musicians, artists, dancers and thinkers from every corner of the globe. They will great food available for you to taste at the “Taste the World” cooking program. You will have the choose of 7 stages presenting everything from great music and workshops. There will be street theatre.

So is there a highlight act or two, that would make it criminal not to attend? I reckon in my humbl;e opinion the two acts below will be the not to be missed category.

Resembling an Islamic Mosque from the outside and a Gothic Cathedral on the inside, Architects of Air presents their extraordinary luminarium Exxopolis, exclusively for WOMADelaide.
A dazzling maze of winding paths and soaring 10 metre domes lit with dancing hues and saturated colors throughout. For audiences, Exxopolis is transformative wildly stimulating, yet also calming, like a dreamscape where the outside world is forgotten.





Exploding in a procession of colour and dance against the setting evening sun, Artonik’s, The Colour of Time is an interactive homage to India’s traditional Holi festival. Choreographed dancers and musicians lead festivalgoers in a corybantic parade towards a finale of exploding colour as people throw brilliant rainbow shades of gulal powder in the air enclosing the crowd in a joyfully celebration of unity, acceptance and diversity.

Artonik Color Final ©Artonik

Festival Director Ian Scobie  said  both  are  sure  to  be  key  highlights  at  the  2015  festival.  “Both  Architects  of  Air and  Artonikare  exemplary  companies  of  the  highest  stature  and  to  be  able  to  present  both  within  WOMADelaide  is  an  heightened  addition  for  the  2015 program.”

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, other artists include:

New  York  pianist – Thomas  Bartlet
Sean nos  singer -Iarla Ó  Lionai
Electric  blues  harmonica  player – Charlie  Musselwhite
Boston  born  soul  sounds  of  Lake  Street  Dive
Rock  chanteuse –  Sinéad  O’Connor
Swedish  sweethearts – First  Aid  Kit

As you can see from this short list there is a wide range of music to please all ears. As you can imagine there is a lot work that goes into putting together such an event. The organisation of artists from all over the world is no mean feeat. The time differences and the language barriers are just a couple of the problems. The companies supplying the technical gear need to make sure that the right gear is there at the right time, they need to be ready for any changes in line ups, instruments or the bane of all festivals –  weather. These events need to be planned like a military operation, plans and contingency plans ned to be decided months beofre the event takes place. Risk assessments done, equipment booked, transport arranged. THe key to all of this are the people that the audience rarely see, the organisers aqnd the backstage staff. These folk need to be on their feet and ready to adapt to any changes as they happen. Without these people working long hours the audience would not have much of a show to see or hear. The sound, lighting, stage managers and the army of other workers are the true stars at these music festivals, so don’t forget to be grateful for all of the work they do to make WOMAD a success that it is.


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