Full of Rubbish

Is it just me or is audience behaviour getting worse. Recently I have been doing a series of end of year concerts and I am amazed by the amount of rubbish that they leave lying around. They have not seemed to have heard of the concept of taking their rubbish with them after the show. This is becoming more prevalent these days.

So what has changed that lets these people think they can be total grots. Do their houses look this bad inside, probably not?  So why do us, the humble venue staff have to put up with cleaning half eaten burgers up from between the seats. It seems that this behaviour is being transferred to some of the performers, most likely the children of the audience. It seems the discipline of removing rubbish has died out and it is up to venue staff to step up and race around between shows cleaning up. In fact I have been so embarrassed by the rubbish left that I have cleaned up before the cleaner gets in. Maybe I should not, but I have pride in the venues I work in. You would think the hirer would also want to keep the venue clean to avoid the potential of extra charges. So now as each client bumps in I remind them that part of the terms and conditions of their hire, is to leave the venue as they found it. We are happy if they put the rubbish in the bins or all together in a pile ready for the cleaners.

So please folks take your rubbish with you and make everybody’s job easier.




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