NEWS: Meyer Sound 48v for Qlight Technical Resources


Qlight Technical Resources in Brisbane, Australia has chosen 48v MM-4XP’s with the MPS-488 power supply. The MPS-488HP IntelligentDC power supply delivers power and balanced audio to up to eight Meyer Sound loudspeakers that require an external DC power supply. The single-space 19-inch rack MPS-488HP can be used with a number of products that feature IntelligentDC technology, such as: the UPM-1XP ultracompact loudspeaker, MM-4XP miniature loudspeaker, MM-10XP miniature subwoofer, and UPJ-1XP and UPJunior-XP loudspeaker.
Qlight is often tasked with providing paging and program audio services to acoustically difficult locations as part of our event communications. We were seeking a product with superb clarity for the spoken word, and the MM4-XP really delivers that. Even in extreme circumstances, we have found the audio reproduction second to none. In addition, the 48v has been fantastic for expediting our installation, particularly in obscure locations with no mains power, a situation we face all too often. The form factor of both the MM4-XP and the MPS-488 power supply is also remarkably compact; but we were certainly blown away with their power says Qlight Technical Resources MD, Matthew Strachan
The MM-4XP self-powered miniature loudspeaker, with IntelligentDC technology, was designed for high-quality distributed systems. Housed in a compact aluminum enclosure, the MM-4XP is especially suitable for installations involving space limitations and visibility concerns, such as fill and spot coverage, and hidden locations like chancel steps in houses of worship. Its flexible and easy-to-configure mounting options, as well as its ability to effortlessly reproduce both speech and music, make it an excellent choice for fixed applications, theatrical presentations (stage lip frontfill), and small portable systems for corporate AV.
Qlight Technical Resources plan to continue to build their 48v range of Meyer Sound products into the future.

For more information on Qlight Technical Resources Contact
Matthew Strachan
+614 10 261 323
For more information on the Meyer Sound 48v MM-4XP’s or MPS-488, visit or contact:

Australia Sales:
Meyer Sound Australia
Aus: 1800 463 937
Nz: 0800 363 937

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