Your iPad as the mixer only – Mackie DL32R


Well Mackie may have delivered a game changer in the audio field. The new Mackie DL32R is the new piece of gear that only requires an iPad to complete the mix. The DL32R is a 32 channel digital mixer that is completely controlled wirelessly from Mackie’s Master Fader iPad app. It comes in a 3U Rackmount unit with 32 Onyx+ mic pre-amps. It also has 14 fully assignable outputs. When you look at the specs of this product it seems that it will be very popular and it seems to be very versatile. I certainly would love to get my hands on this beast to give it a work out. The only thing that would worry me is if your iPad died or lost connection part way through the gig. How would you control it then? But there is also a lot of benefits, like the fact individuals can adjust their own foldback. The fact you can allow access to the device, but you can limit how much access. The fact that you have no multicore to worry about running around the room. Love the idea of a virtual soundcheck – but other brands have this option. Being able to access a hard drive for backing tracks , or interval music sounds great – but I can imagine using it on small musicals where there are sound effects etc to play back.

The APP should be available shortly from iTunes app store.

I think it will be interesting how well this will be recieved by the industry, which sectors will embrace this. I have also included some video from Mackie in regards to the DL32R.


These are the specs of the DL32R

32-Channel wireless digital mixer
• 32 Onyx+™ recallable mic pres with wireless control
• 14 fully-assignable XLR outputs
• Stereo AES digital output
• Total recall of all settings
• 3U rackmount design ready for road or install
• Card slot for Dante expansion card – Dante expansion card coming soon (sold separately).
Wireless mixing
• Complete control from your iPad®
• No set FOH position – mix from anywhere
• Personal monitor mixing via iPad, iPhone® or iPod touch ®
• Supports up to 10 separate iOS devices at once
• Multiple engineers can work from a single mixer
• Ditch the snake – place the mixer anywhere
Multi-track recording & playback
• 32×32 USB 2.0 audio interface for Mac or PC
• 24×24 recording/playback direct to USB 2.0
hard drive
• Wireless control over all direct-to-disk recording/
playback functions
• Record the show for later mixdown
• Play back intermission music and backing tracks
• Perform a virtual soundcheck
• Amazing recording interface for the studio
• Utilize Mac or PC audio plug-ins in a live environment
Fully-loaded DSP
• 36 input channels with 4-band PEQ + HPF, gate and compression
• 32 stereo-linkable input channels
• 4 stereo-linkable return channels
• 28 output busses with 4-band PEQ + HPF/LPF, 31-band GEQ, comp/limiter and alignment delay
• 14 stereo-linkable aux sends
• 6 stereo-linkable matrix busses
• 6 stereo-linkable subgroups
• Main L/R busses
• 6 VCAs and 6 mute groups
• 3 stereo FX processors with dedicated sends and returns
• Full I/O routing with A/B sources per channel
• Modern and Vintage options per processor
Master Fader control app
• Intuitive and easy to master
• Fast navigation with view groups and overview
• Quick setup with tons of factory and user-definable
• Access limiting prevents unwanted adjustments
• Complete offline operation
• Easy and frequent updates via App Store


More information can be got from here : MACKIE DL32R




One thought on “Your iPad as the mixer only – Mackie DL32R

  1. Hi, As a sound guy, I upgraded the band I currently work with, and our band purchased the Mackie DL32r. Now we can multi track record the shows, play and route click tracks, backing tracks, and have like 5 or 6 separate sends for in ear monitors. The DL32r is a game changer. I will be selling my 100 foot snake, rack compressor, EQ’s, and Stereo compressor, too.

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