Entech Connect 2014

On a chilly Melbourne morning I wandered over to the Royal Exhibition Hall to have a look at my first Entech Connect. While smaller than the Entech show in Sydney there were a good range of equipment to look at and listen to. There are also a wide range of education sessions and seminars for all to attend. But networking seems to be the name of the game, I was one of those meeting and greeting folks that I have had known for a while. So it is great to chat with like minded folk over the latest lighting or audio piece of equipment. I will right more about a couple that caught my eye in a later article.  The seminars are very relevant and give people a chance to see what is coming and the future of our industry. The culture of safety also was one of the main topics of discussion and it is great to see our industry taking a mature attitude to making sure we do it right and everybody gets to go home in one piece. This will be also a topic of a later blog post. So if you happen to be in Melbourne it is well worth visiting. I will be returning on the second day to continue were I had left off with the networking and attending more interesting seminars.

Below are some photos from the first day of the event.


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