Pre trade show ramble

Entech Connect 2012 new

What do you look for in a trade show?
Are you there to network or is all the equipment that is on show just techie porn. There are several reasons to attend trade shows. I am going to the Entech Connect trade show to attend some education sessions and report on some of the gear that is on show, and maybe catch up with distant mates and Facebook friends. But others maybe there to look at what is new and maybe spend up big. It is also a great way to network with suppliers, other service providers and possibly with new customers. Everybody is wanting to make a good impression, make good deals and go home with more knowledge than when they arrived.There are some that take it all very seriously, but to me it is time to relax and enjoy to new gear, the information. Make new friends, network, talk to people about your tech problems and how you overcame them. Share your knowledge with new and old alike. Listen to what others have to say, you may find a solution for your tech problems.

So see you there.



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