Knockoff & Unsafe Equipment

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ENTECH CONNECT is proud to announce that it will be hosting a discussion and presentation on Knockoff & Unsafe Equipment its impact across the Australian industry. A panel of key industry experts from manufactures to end users, will come together to discuss this growing problem and its effects on the industry.”

Facilitated by Julius Graton (CX Media), the esteemed panel includes:
• Steve Devine, Meyer Sound / ACETA
• Frank Andrewartha, Quest Engineering / ACETA
• Peter McKenzie, Philips Selecon / ACETA
• Andrew MacColl, Staging Connections

This free to attend session, will provide an exclusive insight for everyone in the industry on this growing problem, whilst covering the following topics;

• What is a knockoff and what isn’t?
• Not everything from China is a knockoff
• Involvement from organised crime in the counterfeit industry
• Economics & Insurance issues
• Safety compliance issues and Exposure to legal action?

The session will be held at ENTECH CONNECT from 2pm – 3:00pm on Thursday 24th July 2014 at the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Melbourne. Information on the panellists can be found at


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