NEWS: Adelaide City Council to control sound levels at major music events

The Adelaide City Council has recently voted to impose special monitors on what they call “high risk” events. Such events are concerts, festivals or other events where noise levels may be breached. They have proposed that special sound monitors are installed that would cut power or something similar if the event exceeds a certain noise level. Bureaucrats that work for the city council will be given powers on whether to install these “sounds pressure level limiters” that are likely to be set at about 110 decibels. Now it will be interesting where the council intends to set up the monitor, we would hope at the mix position. Councillor Plumridge, who proposed this action also wants the bonds increased, but this motion failed. This all seems to come about due to the last Soundwave Festival, in March,  that had attracted a total of 6 noise complaints. 3 of these complaints were from one resident.

It will be interesting to see how festivals and sound engineers react to this in future events.

WOMAD 2014. Photo by S. Dean

WOMAD 2014. Photo by S. Dean




One thought on “NEWS: Adelaide City Council to control sound levels at major music events

  1. I have lived close to action of Soundwave and Womad. The disruption was limited to a few nights of restless sleep, campervans parked in the area, a few undesirables hanging around in the streets calling out late at night and some traffic restrictions. Whilst I agree the noise did at times get excessive, to the point of needing to use earplugs to actually get some sleep, I believe these events are important to the vibrancy of Adelaide and need to be supported by local council. You have to keep in mind that for every resident that makes a complaint, there are often several who are likewise frustrated but may not take it up further by making a formal complaint. Initiatives such as monitoring sound levels will help to appease local residents. Lets keep in mind the council has provided use of the parklands at a bargain cost for organisers and there has to be some give and take.

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