Void system to crank it up at ENTECH CONNECT

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Australian distributor, Audio Logistics are getting ready to crank up their ‘Void’ systems for ENTECH CONNECT this July in Melbourne. Audio Logistics will be using the Live Audio Demo Zone, to showcase the newcomer to the Australian marketplace with products from Void Acoustics and the Nexus 6 speakers, all cranked up to let people hear the systems as they are meant to be heard at real-world volumes. Adam Dullens, Managing Director of Audio Logistics, said, “Entech Connect allows us to connect with dealers and prospects in our home city. We are excited about being able to have our products in the Live Audio Demo Zone! The timing of the show is great as it allows us to display all of the new products released at the Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt”.
Stephen Dallimore, ENTECH CONNECT Event Manager added, “The Live Audio Demo Zone, will give the audio community the chance to finally hear products in a more realistic setting whilst allowing us to work with the new companies and brands with a more active marketing campaign to promote their offerings to the industry. Keep up to date with the latest news from the Australian Entertainment Technology and Installation industry at the brand new website http://www.entechshow.com.au and also follow Audio Logistics on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/audiologisticsAUS




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