WOMADelaide 2014 – part 1

Well Saturday afternoon at WOMAD was interesting. As I arrived and headed in the direction of the Internode Centre stage I could hear Dub Inc rather badly . From the side areas of the stage the bass seemed so artificial and flappy. It was only when you were in front of the stage that the mix quality suddenly improved. It was a worry that the bottom end spill out towards the other stages sounded bad. It might have put some people off stopping and listening to these talented musos strut their stuff on stage. Overall the audio sounded tight and clean from the audience point of view.

Moving on to stage three where I stopped to listen to Reunion musician Danyel Waro. The engrossing blend of chants and percussion that were expertly blended into a pulsing rhythmic beat, that hundreds danced and swayed to. The musicians that accompanied him come across as a coherent unit, the audio mix was clean and not over loud.  Well worth listening to if you get a chance.

At stage 2 Emel Mathlouthi was playing, she is a protest singer  and her song kelmti hora became the anthem of the Arab spring. Her musical style is interesting,it did not appeal so much me and some of the audience was perplexed by her music as well. It was well executed and the audio engineer did a great job in meddling the voice, instruments etc.  The sound was clean tight and the blending of the various instruments worked very well, the audio guys knew their stuff.

Then to the Speakers Corner stage 7 I headed to hear Jeff Lang , an Australian performer, and his band. These guys were brilliant, they belted out a fusion of rock, folk and blues to an apprecative crowd. These guys were great, talent shining out and the audio team had a great feeling for the sound these guys made on stage. The mix was balanced and the instrrments were layed into the mix so that nothing over dominated.

Over all it was a great day at WOMAD, with the usual qaulity production. It all seem to run smoothly, therefore a great sign that the technical staff are working hard. It becomes obvious that the staff are dedicated to what they are doing, and the are achieving a quality product, one of which they can be proud of. Thier work is is of world class standard, which is what we have come to expect from such an event.

I look forward to visiting Sunday and catching up with a few more acts.


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