WOMADELAIDE 2014 – Friday 7th March

WOMAD 2014
Excitement has returned to Botanic park in Adelaide. WOMAD is unfolding as we speak, dozens of dedicated staff are building fence, assembling stages, rigging lights and putting in PA systems of hifi quality. And all to entertain a discerning crowd of world music lovers. Artists from around the world and Australia will descend on Adelaide to showcase their music to the fans. You have to admire the logistics of putting on such an event and the staff that work to make it all happen. The idea of scheduling such an event can be daunting but when it is over 4 days and seven stages it is a brilliant piece of event management. There is an enormous amount of staff working on such an event. They maybe behind the scenes assisting artists or out front doing tickets or guiding patrons around the large area that is WOMAD. If look at some of the elements that need to be organised, such as power, get the gear to the right place at the right time, you are not going to have a schedule on the back of an envelope. You are going to need a large spreadsheet or project management software. You also need have highly skilled staff that remain calm under pressure and can be task orientated. As always the equipment that is supplied to the event is all high range gear and the crew that operate said equipment are all highly skilled.
Some of the acts performing and worth listening to are Arrested Development (USA), Femi Kuti (Nigeria), Neko Case (USA) and Billy Bragg (UK).
As you can it is going to an exciting music festival and more information can be gotten at WOMAD, but better still buy some tickets and go along and enjoy the multitude of worldwide performers and spare a thought for all of the people behind the scenes putting this all together just for you.


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