Adelaide Fringe 2014


Well here in Adelaide it is the busy season again. There is the annual Fringe and also the Adelaide Festival of Arts among the many events that happen at this time of the year. As usual the author is busy working at one of the many venues that are available in Adelaide for the Fringe. For a venue technician like myself there is a lot to take into consideration for festivals like this. With multiple acts coming through the 2 theatres that we have, we need to take into consideration a wide variety of technical aspects and as technical skill level of the operators if the are not using the venue staff for production. When dealing with a variety of production companies you need to remember that they maybe coming from interstate or overseas so you need to have the technical information of the venue in an easy to understand format, preferably with high resolution pictures. Measurements and equipment lists, software used etc can make it easier for them to get an idea of what the will be using. A lot of venues like us have a standard lighting rig installed that everybody is using. The way I go about designing this rig each year is to ask all of the companies that will be using the spaces to give me an indication of what they would like. From this information I then build a standard rig in CAD, ready to be followed by the crew that will put up the rig. If any of the companies require a copy I will of course send then a PDF version.
Once it is all rigged, focused and coloured it is time to wait and see. Always allow time during their bump ins for them to learn your system. If they are supplying an operator I will spend 3 hours with them assisting with programming etc., trying to make their life easier whilst in our venues. Patience is what you need and must display whilst dealing with these clients no matter what you think of them or their show. There are going to have different expectations and all they are concerned with, and rightly so, is their show. Whereas the venue technician you have several shows a night to contend with. So be friendly and work together with them. The experience will be rewarding and you will arrive at the end of the festival season in one piece with your sanity intact.


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