CX Summer Roadshow – Adelaide Edition

I attended CX Summer roadshow and as usual it was well worth attending, again there were a good range of top notch suppliers willing to chat and demonstrate their latest wares to us humble punters. This is often the only many can get their hands on some of the newer gear. There is also a chance to network with fellow techs and suppliers who often are only voices on the end of a phone. There were also some very usual workshops to keep on top of the changing face of technology. Jason Allen presented a couple of great workshops on networking and designing DAnte and AVB networks. Julius presented an interesting workshop about money. There was also the usaul shoot outs conducted by Jimmy.

The companies had on show their latest and greatest. Jands had the usual range of products on their display with friendly staff available to answer your questions. This was the same with the over companies with their road cases overflowing with techie goodness. Other major companies that were present include AMBER Technology, PAVT, Meyer, Altronics, DTS to name a few. There was plenty at each stand to keep people interested. PAVT had the new ANYA system from EAW. Sennheiser had radio systems etc on display. Show Technology were showing a Martin lighting console. PRG had some cool samples on display. There was on hand many examples of new gear that you could actually touch and use.

Jands had a new console from ETC, the Cobalt.This is the latest in a greaat range of lighting consoles that designed and manufactured by ETC. This is their flagship console that I am sure we are going to see on major touring concerts as the year progresses. Jands  were also showing off their new range of PR fixtures. This a range of reasonably priced moving LED fixtures from well known and trusted Chinese company, thus disproving that all Chinese companies make rubbish. They also had a range of the Soundcraft digital consoles on display. As always Jands had a great range of expects on hand to show you their wares, from Shure radio mic systems to lighting consoles.

ULA we’re demonstrating the latest versions of Arkaos and the latest Chamsys consoles, the MagicQ MQ100 Pro 2014. This latest upgrade/version is one with some great extra features that lighting board operators are going to love. The visualiser being one of the new features along with  64 universes of DMX that  is another great feature .Full theatre cue stack control on 10 different playback faders makes easy work of complex shows. Individual channel timing, fully configurable FX and on screen cue editing enables total artistic freedom. The on screen windows enable instant access to palettes, range information and FX for those moments when busking is required. MagicQ supports ArtNet and Pathport protocols and ACN Streaming DMX. In additional there are 4 fully patchable direct DMX outputs on the rear panel. Chansys are making inroads in Australia now that they have a local company behind them that does believe in the product.

The new Allen and Heath console, the QU 24, was on display as well. The new QU 24 follows on the success of the QU 16. Allen and Heath are producing many quality digital products that are thrilling users arouind the country. I do know of people swearing by their products. Another quality product that is now available from Technical Audio Group.

Steve Devine of Meyer had one of his favourite toys at the show, a Strong Super Trouper followspot. What a beast, an old fashioned carbon arc light source that still works and pumps out the lumens. This certainly brought back memories for the old timers amongst us.

So is this pop trade show relevant? It certainly is. Companies need to take thier product to their customers, instead of the customers going to the supplier. This is especially relevant if you do not work on the eastern seaboard, where most of these companies are. This day and age with tight budgets if a supplier comes to the same town or state as a potential customer the change of a sale improves as the client has no or low travel costs and also can actually see the product and not be buying from a website or brochure.

So I say bring on more pop up trade shows.

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