JUST RELEASED: Jands LED calculator


Jands guys have done it again. A LED Calculator to help you work out the power consumption of LED fixtures in relation to conventional. Now you can prove to the bean counters how much money you will save. So give it a go.

Since the release of their popular Shure Frequency Calculator they have been working on another exciting calculation tool.

Enter the Jands LED Calculator! This simple interactive tool will you help to quantify the electricity savings by comparing conventional fixtures to their LED equivalent. A dollar figure is produced to compare the savings both on a yearly basis and across a period of 10 years. The essential part of the Jands LED Calculator is that it also takes into account the relative purchase price of LED fixtures (which is usually significantly higher) and can make an estimate as to the time required to pay for the initial investment. This is a calculation that is often forgotten in the discussion between LED and Conventional.

The LED Calculator has been designed to be simple to use, all you need to do is select your location (state/territory) in order to determine the average electricity price. Then you must input operational data for both Conventional and LED fixtures – you can add multiples of both Conventional and LED fixtures to create a complete real world rig. This data is then calculated against the electricity cost to produce a series of results of the combined operational savings reaped by using LED over Conventional.

The LED Calculator is officially being launched at the CX Summer Roadshow this week. If you happen to be attending the show please visit our stand for a live run through and question opportunity with Eddie Welsh or Tim Kennard.

Unsure about changing to LED? Let us do the justification for you! Access the LED Calculator here today www.jands.com.au/support/led_calculator.


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