CX Summer Roadshow – it is happening again

CX truck 2014

Due to the generosity of CX and a large group of suppliers in Australia,CX have hit the road again with their Summer Roadshow. This is the roadshow that comes to you. Think of the savings on accommodation and travel you will make. Think of the extra gear you can buy because of this. Ad I have said before this is often the only way people in some locations and venues are likely to see the latest and network with some of the big players in the industry. The smaller hirers, community theatre etc are going to be the winners here. So what should we be expecting at the Roadshow? Julius and Jimmy of course.

also the companies below will be there”

  • Altronics
  • Amber Technology
  • Audio Brands Australia
  • AVID
  • Bosch
  • DTS Australia
  • Galactic Music
  • Hills SVL
  • Jands
  • Lexair Entertainment
  • LSC
  • Meyer Sound Australia
  • National Audio Systems
  • Philips Selecon
  • PRG Australia
  • Production Audio Video Technology
  • Riedel Australia
  • Sennheiser Australia
  • SGM with ETA
  • Showtechnology
  • Technical Audio Group
  • ULA Group

Schedule for the day
Same in all cities
(Except Canberra -trade show and happy hour only)

CX schedule 2014


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