Its crap, don’t buy it

By Stephen Dean

This is something I think we are all guilty of, we have our favourite brands and anything else is rubbish, but is it? Surely if it does the job well it is okay to use. Also you need to remember people might think that the gear you use is rubbish.  It seems that we all have our favourite lighting and audio equipment and we love to push that on others. We do need to remember that they have their favourite as well.

Now we all know there is a lot of low end equipment but sometimes you are going to be surprised at what can be achieved using it. We know it could break or sound bad, but some people get what they want out of it and should we be complaining? In fact a good result is often the person behind the desk, not the brand of the desk. I have seen professionals bag certain brands like Behringer, yet the other day I was chatting to a touring sound engineer with a major  kids show who was in fact pleasantly surprised buy the quality.

Now when we are talking high end equipment, like Meyer, MA lighting, Jands etc they are all going to do the job well, it will be personal choice and what you have most likely trained on. In this arena the equipment once set up properly is going to do a stellar task and people are not going to bitch because it is one brand or another.

So remember just because you don’t like it, it does not mean it is not going to do the job it was got for. We all need to remember that some of us have limited funds as well.


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