So what came out @ NAMM 2014?

Well NAMM has rolled around again and as always they is a whole lot of new equipment being released to make us droll. So what should we see coming out?

Well Allen and Heath have released the QU – 24, building on the success of the QU-16. In fact in my eyes this does make more sense than the QU – 16. It should hit our shores in the next month or two and maybe a pricepoint around $5000. It is another exciting release with some great features, such as :

With its responsive touchscreen, 25 motor faders and acclaimed AnalogiQTM recallable preamps, Qu-24 combines exceptional ease of use with class-leading audio performance. Drawing on the technologies and workflow pioneered on our GLD and iLive touring systems, Qu makes Allen & Heath digital mixing more accessible and more compact than ever.

QU 24

More information here at Allen & Heath

MIDAS have a new console, the M-32 – this sounds familiar and if you look at the effects that are available, they have a Behringer logo on them.

Digital Console for Live and Studio with 40 Input Channels, 32 MIDAS Microphone Preamplifiers and 25 Mix Buses

  • Live performance and studio recording digital console with up to 40 simultaneous input channels
  • 32 award-winning MIDAS microphone preamplifiers
  • 25 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses
  • AES50 networking allows up to 96 inputs and 96 outputs
  • Open architecture allows for future 96 kHz operation
  • 192 kHz ADC and DAC converters for outstanding audio performance

An example of a software effects unit with Behringer logo


More information available at Midas


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