2014 and the Future

The Future

Well it is now the new year and what does the future hold in stock for us? I know on the personal front I have more study in the future, just started a course in event management. Also will be doing a few more lighting designs around the country, building on the good stuff that has happened in the last couple of years. So what are we all hoping for in the new year? Even better LED fixtures? Cheaper consoles? Safer working conditions? There is so much that would be nice, but to me the best thing is for everybody to go home at the end of the work day in one piece.

And the blog?

Well after getting slightly bogged down in 2013 and not publishing as much as I wanted, I have decided to make some changes and get some advertising or sponsorship. I had plans but they require time and money and since I finance this out of my pocket, work had to take priority. So if I get money coming in I can concentrate on the blog a bit more and try out new ideas and get it back on track. Maybe even pay a fee for others to write material for the blog.

So here’s to a bright 2014.


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