Quickie Review – ETC Element Console

wpid-IMG_20131114_140641.jpgRecently I have started using the Element console from ETC.. First impressions is that the desk is well made and that it will stand up to the rigours of theatre life. The first thing is to power up the desk with the power up button top right of the console and sit back for a little while as it boots into life. Once it is up and running you are ready to use all of the console features. The desk is really suited to smaller venues and schools. It is great for those that have a fair few dimmers and conventional lights. There is facilities to use movers, LEDS etc and it will handle these reasonably well. A slightly unusual feature is the use of a selector switch to access the full range of channels or sub-masters.

Those that are familiar with command line entry of levels etc will find that this is easy to use, and with a quick glance at the manual you will in no time be up and running a show. But don’t think that this is a simple desk, in fact the desk can perform quite complex actions with a bit of planning.

The desk comes with 2 universes of DMX and that is in most cases plenty for most smaller venues and schools.It can be used with up to two monitors which will give you plenty of info on what you are doing lighting wise.You can also edit your show files offlinbe on your PC. So a bit of pre-plotting etc with a visualiser is on the cards for owners of this console.

The other beautiful thing about this console is the fact that it is part of ETC’s EOS Family of consoles which means you can transfer files and the facyt since all of the consoles belong to a family it is easy to move from one console to another without having to learn a new system. Well done to ETC for this.

I have only used the console a few times but I would certainly would be happy using this console a fair bit. I found it intuitive and therefore easy to use. Highly recommended by me.

For more information visit Electronic Theatre Controls


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