NEWS – Clay Paky Launches new Products at LDI 2013

At the LDI 2013 that is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Clay Paky will be launching some new products.

?The one that seems to be the most interesting is the A.leda B-EYE fixture. Just looking at the image it looks great, so I also suggest you watch the video further down.

A leda Clay Paky

A.leda B-EYE

Perfect Wash, Amazing Beam, Spectacular Graphic Effects

ALEDA B-EYE is truly innovative for its unique lighting effects; its unmatched versatility makes it a fantastic creative tool. Firstly it an excellent wash-light, with beautiful colours and an impressive 6° to 70° zoom. The beam however can be closed further down to as little as 4°, switching the light from wash diffusion into a parallel beam. B-EYE thus becomes a beam-light for amazing aerial effects. It generates a pulsating bundle of individually controllable micro-beams, each with its own colours and shades. ALEDA B-EYE finally introduces a totally unseen feature,: the front lens can be rotated and many little beams are created, that can be unfolded or closed like petals. Adding colours and dynamic patterns, B-EYE turns into a unique effect light, generating countless kaleidoscopic projections, as no other LED fixture has ever done.

The Clay Paky A.Leda B-EYE was the winner of a 2013 PLASA Award for Innovation at the PLASA London show.

New additions to the A.LEDA LED-washlight family

Along with the B-EYE they are adding to their LED washlight family.

For those applications where a simpler, yet powerful washlight is required, Clay Paky developed a new fixture named A.LEDA CC (Colour Changer), featuring R-G-B-White colour mixing.When colour changing is not required, the new Clay Paky A.LEDA TW (Tuneable White) can be used, providing tuneable colour temperature through additive mixing, ranging from 2600 to 7500 K. Finally, for the simplest applications, Clay Paky has created A.LEDA W (White), a moving head LED flood-light generating a fixed 7500 K white light.

Clay Paky again seem to be producing some really cool gear that lighting folk are looking forward to using.

More info from the CLAY PAKY website


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