Wireless Audio – state of play


Well the saga of the Wireless Audio continues. This is were wireless audio products (radio microphones, communications systems and in ear monitoring systems) currently operate in the same piece of the radio spectrum as analogue TV broadcasting (the 520-820MHz frequency band). Under a “class license” they operate in the gaps or “white space” between the comparatively widely spaced TV stations.

So at the moment the following is the state of play (Thanks to Sara Hood – ACETA)

We now have a sitting date for the Senate which is 12 November so we are keen to get the petition full of signatures before we download and table it then.

Malcolm Turnbull, now Minister of Communications, and Bruce Billson, now Minister for Small Business, were most supportive when in opposition.  They got the issues and understood the fairness problem.  Now is the acid test:  they’re in government but will they still talk the same talk, now they can actually do something.  So far, not so much.  But let’s give them the leeway of being a new government, still finding its way and certainly the Minister for Communications has one enormous cat’s cradle to sort out in regard to the NBN.  But the clock doesn’t stop ticking.  Deadlines for wireless audio are now pressing.  We need to know if they are going to help those who will be forced to dip into their own pocket or not.  People like teachers and priests and fitness instructors and marriage celebrants, as well as musicians and other live performers, professional and amateur.

FYI1:  we can’t change ANTHING on the petition or we have to return the counter to zero .. so we can’t update it to the new minister’s name.  We can’t even put a notice on there saying why we can’t change it!   But having the wrong name on it doesn’t matter in terms of tabling it in the Senate.

FYI2:  we’re getting a good spread of professions.  Most recent signatories are marriage celebrants and ministers of religion.

So spread the word. Go HERE and sign the petition.

For more information on the effect of the Digital Dividend on wireless microphones please visit: ACETA WEBSITE

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