We often gloss over the fact that bullying in the work place exists, but it is a sad fact that it does exist and it causes those on the receiving end much pain. It seems that a lot of people have felt the nastiness of a bully at least once in our lives.

noun (plural bullies)

a person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker:

verb (bullies, bullying, bullied)

use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something

So how many of you have been subjected to bullying in the entertainment industry? Have you been ridiculed because that roadcase defeated you or being deliberately asked to stand on the top step of ladder. These are only a couple of examples of bullying that does happen in our industry. There is a difference in being asked to safely undertake a task and being asked to undertake a dangerous task. We need to be able to say no and not bullied into the task. But these are not the only forms of bullying that take place. If you are a casual employee the threat of little or no work can be used by some as a bullying tactic. Bullying not only affect you mentally it can in fact cause injuries, there have been cases where people have been pushed to far by a bully that they have injured themselves and because they have a bully in a position of authority they are not likely to report the injury thus leading to the potential for further injury.

Many of us can probably cite a bullying incident, I remember complaining to a manager many years ago about a client and the the manager decided to berate me in front of the client and used threats about my employment and the potential of me not continuing employment at this set of venues. Then there is the client that can bully and put down a staff member, this has also happened to me. I am sure we have all had a variety of these sorts of incidents happen to us. This is uncalled for in this day and age. I often wonder if the bully realises what he is putting people through, the feeling of depression, the lack of self worth. I remember going home from such instances feeling like I should just give up and let these people win – but that is the wrong attitude. In the case of the bullying client I actual brought it up with my managers and they stood beside me and helped me fight the battle, but I am sure that some people would not be so lucky.

We all need to take a stand against bullying in the work place. If you are subjected to bullying you do need to report it, do not let it continue. I would if the bully is someone in authority go to that person’s manager. If the bully is a fellow worker then start with your manager, if these don’t illicit a response then approach the union (MEAA) who will act on your behalf. But do not let them get away with it always seek help. Talk to friends, family and other work colleagues, do not keep it bottled in.




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