healthHealth is something we all take for granted , especially the younger techs that work in the industry. Health is actually something we all need to think about – both physical and mental health. Recently I was very ill for a couple of weeks and this got me thinking about the consequences of being ill. There are a lot of entertainment workers that work on casual basis so they do not have benefits like sick leave, holiday leave etc. So probably like me they are likely to keep working even though the feel really ill, but is this a good idea? Are we doing more damage to ourselves. If we are ill we are not functioning at our full capacity and therefore not giving the client 100% attention. That should be the only concern, your health is more important than the work you do. We do not “Live to work” we “Work to Live”. I know we all have bills to pay and the money comes ins bits and pieces as people pay thier invoices etc. but you need to think about number one and the loved ones around you.

I think we all have pushed ourselves hard and burnt the candle at both ends, and when we were young this did not seem to be a problem. This does catch up with you, your back goes out more than you, your diet is shot and that is only the start. We need to early on get in to the habit of looking after the only body we are given. We need to listen to our body and to the doctors that we should regularly visit. There have been many in the industry that have died to young or retired to early. I believe some of my medical problems could be due to the long hours, bad diet and the fact that the show must go on mentality. We need to be able to actually put our hands up at times and ask for help, ask for a break. Sometimes you have to turn down some work. I have discovered recently that turning down work has helped my health and has also improved the quality of the work I do. Down time is a natural way for the body to recover. We also need to keep an eye on our work mates and not be afraid to remind them to look after themselves and ask if they are okay?

Looking after your health and therefore being healthy will in fact make you job more pleasant, easier and the people around you will notice. So the next time you are ill listen to your body, visit the doctor and listen to them as well. Your health is more important than anything else so treat it like gold.


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