Thoughts from ENTECH

I attended a few seminars related to safety in our industry. They were very relevant and a timely reminder that we still need to work at it but we are heading in the right direction. We are starting to talk more about it and passing around information to help others. We are expecting our crews to behave in a a safe manner and it is becoming part of the culture of the entertainment industry. We are taking responsibility for our own safety and that of others that are working with us. It is now part of the work process, we are continually improving our way or including safety into our performance spaces. We have been watching what has happened overseas and are learning from these experiences. If you look at what happened in Indianapolis, you will have noticed that the culture in the states has improved. More and more bands are pulling the plug before something could happen, because they are not happy with the structures conditions etc that they are being asked to perform on. Well it seems Australia is being pro-active in safety related matters, even though there is still more to achieve.

Australian organisations like the Live Performance Australia are working on re-vamping the Safety Guidelines for the Entertainment Industry and bringing them in to align with the new harmonised Work, Health and Safety legislation. This will help a lot of venues get up to speed. The beauty of what the LPA is doing is they are consulting the people at the coalface.

There was also discussions on training, inductions  and paperwork that is going to be or should be required. This should mean a minimum standard of knowledge about WHS for people performing work for an employer etc. This will affect everyone in the industry whether you are a volunteer, apprentice, employed, contractor etc.

One thought that was brought up in regards to the cost of implementing all of this ” Is it costly if someone dies? “
Tiny Good made another statement was ” Safety will not work if people don’t talk to each other” very valid.

Another discussion point was “Continual Improvement”  when you have an safety meeting with all of your staff, what has been improved, implemented to make the workplace safer. This valid point was brought up by Julius Grafton.

So you can see from these brief ramblings that safety is improving in leaps and bounds. I will write more later on what else I learnt from these safety seminars.


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