More ENTECH 2013

Well the goodness continues. The second day seemed to be even busier than the opening day. There seem to be a more positive vibe on the floor, this may be due to the number of visitors. There was a large number of technical students wandering from stand to stand. The exhibitors were pulling out all stops to make sure you would stop at their stand and possibly fall in love with their gear and get your cheque book out. One thing I did notice is that for some of us older folk some of the staff attending the standing were dismissive. Maybe we were not hip enough to “understand” new technology. They just need to remember we may hold the purse strings.

I had a closer look this time at the gear that was on offer and one thing I did notice wash the “sameness’ in some of the LED gear. Some of it is looking the same and does the same sort of thing. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing. Some are built down to a price for those operators that cannot afford top of the line gear. Those built down to a price sometimes did not have the refinement of high end equipment. One LED device did stand out and that was the Martin MAC Viper Air FX with the Quadray Lens fitted to it. This is a fun, versatile unit that would great in any rock and roll rig. The standard beam of light is split into one, two, three or four separate beams and these can be controlled as well. This makes the MAC Viper a really useful tool. This unit was effectively displayed on the Show Technology stand along with a lot of other cool gear including the new Martin M6 console. Yet another exciting lighting desk from Martin that is generating a lot of interest amongst the lighting community. Also on display were the new Hog 4 range of consoles, and these are really neat bits of kit that will make inroads into the lighting arena, especially for those wanting large format consoles to control large productions, so do check them out.

There was also a lot to interest the audio guys amongst the visitors. It was a chance to check out the latest from Allen & Heath, Behringer and Soundcraft to name a few. At least you could compare what you get for the money and what is going to work for you. Though it is still best if you can try it out at your own venue, sometimes this is not possible.

Now to sleep and dream of a venue equiped with the latest I have seen 🙂


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