ENTECH 2013 – first day

Australia’s largest tech fest has opened and there is something for everyone. There is lighting gear, audio gear, AV gear and staging. There are people to network with, sales people to persuade you to part with your venue’s too small budget. Well this year is no exception. The major brands are well represented, there is a lot of LED based gear. Safety and rigging is also a big part of the show. ALIA, ACETA etc were also there along with CX Network. The first day look well attended and a lot of people spent plenty of time networking. One of the key benefits of trade shows is the workshops and seminars. Here is an opportunity for you to catch up on what is happening in the industry, this is especially relevant where safety is concerned. There were also seminars on projection, lighting design, Audio excellence to name a few.  As mentioned earlier there was a wide range of LED gear ranging from movers to profiles and fresnels. LEDs are starting to dominate the arena and trade shows like Entech are a great way to keep up and see where they fit in with your area of expertise.

In this day and age it is a credit to organisers to get together such a diverse range of companies and groups to show off the latest and greatest to what really is a small market in the scheme of things. So some of these companies do spend a small fortune on putting together a display that they hope will make you want their product. Some companies not only do this but are also interested in educating you, admittedly hoping you will buy their product. The real ace in the pack for me are all of the seminars that are being held. This is a way to keep up and understand our industry. So you need to try and attend events like this just for the educational aspect. So for me Entech is a great idea, it is why I come across to Sydney at my own cost – to learn, network and see what is new.


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