What do you expect from your technicians?

I have previously discussed what we should be offering clients etc in the way of technical services, but to give high quality service we need to have high quality multi-skilled technicians. Without the the necessary skills the technician cannot offer the quality production that the client requires. These days it is not ideal if a technician only has skills in one discipline. gone are the days when you could be a audio specialist or lighting specialist. We have these days be a jack of all trades. They need to be able to mix a musical, light a conference and then after that repair all of the gear.They need to be able to work with a wide variety of clients and be diplomatic.

L'olimpiade backstage by Lorenzo Gaudenzi

L’olimpiade backstage by Lorenzo Gaudenzi

So what skills and attributes do you expect from your technicians and are you willing to offer training to improve your technicians skills. Below is a simple list of skills and knowledge that I feel a technician should have.

  • Patience with the client
  • Be on time for a shift
  • Be positive about the clients event -even if they do not like it
  • Know the venues equipment
  • Be able to advise the client about the best way they can achieve thier desired outcome
  • Don’t bag the venue or other clients or other staff members
  • Smile
  • Can listen
  • Don’t always say No or Yes straight away to a client, all of thier requests should be considered carefully
  • Can read a plan
  • operate a lighting desk
  • can rig lights correctly and the right way up
  • Mix live music after successful miking of the instruments
  • operate, create and edit powerpoint shows
  • be able to use PC’s and Macs
  • not to laugh if a client brings in a cassette tape
  • know prompt from OP
  • knows theatrical terms
  • don’t bamboozle your client they actual may know what they are talking about
  • Good knowledge of health and safety
  • Do not be afraid to ask a question if they don’t understand something
  • Re-lamps without touching bulb with bare fingers
  • document problems
  • Help maintain the venue
  • Make sure the venue is ready for the next client and tech after they have finished

I am sure you guys can think of more ideal skills etc that you would want your staff to have. Feel free to share.


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