NEWS – ETC Source Four LED Studio HD

ETC Source Four LED Studio HD

For those technician involved in the photography/ cinema side you may be interested in these new fixtures from ETC being sold through JANDS

The camera loves you when you’re lit by Studio HD.

ETC have now added all the benefits of their popular Desire Studio HD Par fixture to their Source Four Profile range with the release of the Source Four LED Studio HD.

The more spectrally-complete the white light — the more finely-tuneable to the talent, for the highest-quality colour rendition in video, broadcast, and film production. The Studio HD combines impressive light output with the most flexible, variable white light, for truer colour performance on camera. The Studio HD’s unique recipe of LED colour blending pleases the most discerning professional.

Use the Source Four LED Studio HD for key, bounce, smooth, or textured lighting.

ETC’s new Source Four LED Studio HD spotlight was designed to perform in a high-definition production world where people (with varying flesh tones) need to look their best.

Studio HD’s flicker-free mode prevents the undesirable side effects that commonly arise when using LEDs with high-speed and rolling-shutter cameras. No external controller required! With its stand-alone functions, the Studio HD is a brilliant addition to your lighting kit.

The Source Four LED Studio HD will be featured on the Jands stand during July’s SMPTE show in Sydney so join us at booth H35 for a first hand view at the cutting edge of studio luminaires!

 Source Four LED Studio HD features:

  • Utilises ETC’s x7 Colour System™ to create the industry’s best white light
  • Sharp, clean beam for Source Four-quality optics
  • Settings and presets can be copied to multiple fixtures
  • Adjustable PWM output (920-1500Hz and High 25K) for flicker-free, high-speed camera work
  • Available in fixed or variable-focus (zoom) models
  • Soft-focus diffuser permanent-installation kit available
  • Designed to blend beautifully alongside incandescent and other sources
  • Accepts all conventional Source Four® accessories
  • Can control other Source Four LED™ and ETC Desire™ fixtures
  • Studio stand-alone (on-board controls – no controller required)

ETC Source Four LED Studio HD

For more information on ETC’s Source Four LED Studio HD visit or contact:


Australia Sales:

Jands Pty Ltd

Tel: +61 2 9582 0909                                                     



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