ENTECH Audio Engineer’s Lunch


Audio Engineers’ Lunch 

The latest addition to the new ENTECH Technicians’ Lunch Series is the Audio Engineers’ Lunch.  This informative  two hour session will cover two diverse and important topics with a view to offering practical advice and guidance on both.  With a limited number of seats available, don’t miss out on joining hosts BOSE as they facilitate the following sessions over lunch.   Ticket Price Includes Light Lunch

Influence of Radiation Performance of Sound Reinforcement Speakers on Tonal Balance Consistency

Room acoustic characteristics, such as reflections and reverberation, often change the performance of speaker systems in a room. It has always been challenging to maintain the tonal balance of a single speaker module when multiple modules are used to form speaker arrays. Both phenomena are unique to sound reinforcement speakers and are mainly determined by a combination of the radiation characteristics of an individual speaker module and the interactions between modules, known as arrayability. First, this study reviews the performance of conventional speaker systems. Next, the acoustic characteristics of speaker modules desired for forming an ideal speaker array are discussed.  A new category of speaker system, the Progressive Directivity Array, is introduced to realize the theory as a practical solution.

Presented by Soichiro Hayashi,  Bose Asia Pacific Senior Systems Engineer.

Mastering for iTunes

Apple’s Mastered For iTunes program has arguably been the most successful initiative to date in establishing a mainstream standard for higher than CD quality audio. Studios 301’s Leon Zervos (Senior Mastering Engineer) and Anthony Garvin (General Manager) will discuss topics around the key technical points of MFiT, a listener’s experience of low vs high resolution audio, the Apple codec’s effects on mastered audio and the future possibilities for both MFiT and hi-resolution audio.

Presented by  Anthony Garvin,  General Manager,  Studios 301 and Leon Zervos, Senior Mastering Engineer, Studios 301.

Date :Tuesday 23 July
Time :12:00 – 2:00pm


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