Qu the New Allen & Heath Console

Well Allen & Heath have launched their digital console and it certainly does look great. But is this in response to the latest Beheringer X-32 and Pre-Sonus. Only time will tell. Thelow cost end of digital consoles is certainly livening up, so who is going to be the next to offer a feature filled, low cost console into the market place? The estimated cost in the UK  £1699 ex VAT, with it being released around May. As you will see from the video below that this looks an exciting console to use and the market is definately ready for another great desk from A&H. It does mean we are going to see more and mopre digital consoles in the smaller venues and theatres that previously could not justify the expense.

Great features include the colour touch screen motorised faders and totally recallable settings. All this coming from a reputable maker that has been around since adam was in short pants. I think this is the game changer in the fact that they are going up against Behringer. But let us wait and see.

Below are the specs that I found out about so far.

16 mono inputs TRS and XLR

3 stereo inputs TRS

4 stereo effects returns

16 bus 12 Mix outputs (left / right, mono mix 1-4, 1-3 stereo mix)

4 stereo effects processors with reverb, delay, modulation, flangers …

AES digital output Analogue preamp with callback 17 motorized faders ALPS Multitrack recording and playback supports direct USB (W-Drive)

800 x 480 touchscreen and dedicated encoder ILive effect bank with new effects provided via firmware updates

Port dSNAKE Multicore ARM processor

Compatible with the personal monitoring ME

Compatible with iPad app Qu-Pad

Integrated USB audio interface compatible with Mac only (Core Audio)

MIDI DAW Controller (USB)

Ethernet port supports MIDI (driver available)

4 mute groups

Trim controls, phase, HPF, gate, insert, 4 band parametric equalizer, compressor and delay on all inputs

Insert graphic equalizer 1/3 octave, compressor and delay on the outputs LR and Mono Mix

Signal generator integrated

Peak indicator with Band RTA

24-bit audio converters

Save and recall snapshots (scenes) with 100 memory slots

Steel structure rack


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