LSC release Clarity v2.0 Public Beta

LSC Lighting Systems and OpenClear are proud to announce the release of a Public Beta of Clarity v2.0.

The much anticipated version 2 includes a huge array of enhancements as listed below, fixes for the inevitable bugs as well as updates so the software will run on the latest versions of the Mac and Windows operating systems.

This release also brings the software in line with the recently released LX range of consoles so that features are common across the software and hardware platforms. The latest software also includes virtual consoles so users can run their software as a virtual LX console.

With so many changes and upgrades to the software since the 1.42 release, the decision has been made to put the initial version 2 code into the public arena so that we can maximise the feed back and be sure that the current code is stable.
One of the challenges we face is to ensure that existing shows are converted correctly and while we are confident that we have covered most scenarios, there are so many different types of shows out there that naturally we cannot test every combination.

Hence we are asking our users to help us test the product on their show before we release the official version.

Please not that this is Beta release and so is not suitable for use in Live Shows.

The Beta software can be downloaded from here.

New Features

  • Rig View. Topographical view with 2D simulation and fixture selection.
  • Audio fixture. Control audio with fade times and mode control.
  • Intensity Levels Window. Enhanced dimmer display for theatre & TV clients.
  • Media Server integration now includes MBox from PRG.
  • Universal controller interface for simultaneous control of different fixtures.
  • Search field in Patch window.
  • Reworked fixture library for better control of non-linear compound fixtures (eg. Mac Aura, Robe LEDwash, ClayPaky A-LEDa, etc).
  • Page Bookmarks and naming/rearranging of pages.
  • Time Presets.
  • Enhanced Touch Screen control.
  • Swipe and Flick programmer screen interface.
  • Calendar and Time scheduling
  • OSC protocol for remote control via Android and iPhone/iPad.
  • Issue :Updated Mac installer with OSX Mountain Lion compatible HASP drivers.
  • Updated Windows installer with Windows8 compatible HASP drivers.

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