CX Summer Roadshow – Another Winner

Cx Summer Roadshow

Cx Summer Roadshow

Adelaide again has been graced by the CX Summer Roadshow, which is put together by Juliusmedia, publishers of CX Magazine. And again it has been a success. This more people have attended than the previous year. There was a great range of the latest equipment to get hands on. The range of workshops and professional development courses were well thought out. Seminars on the LSC Clarity, Video mapping, Jands Design and Configure Wireless systems to name a few. Richard Cadena, whose work I have admired, gave 2 great lectures, Show Electrics Master Class and Entertainment Control Systems Master Class. Stage and Event Safety Summit 2013 was held. There was plenty of demos to keep the visitors happy.

This sort of show is valuable. Places like Adelaide , Perth etc are often left out. The cost of travelling to major events like ENTECH in Sydney can be prohibitive for a lot of people. Bringing the show to the people is a great way for community venues and the smaller operators to meet the companies in person and get to actually touch and see the latest gear in operation. It certainly beats looking at brochures or online videos. The networking opportunities are also a valuable part of these events.These is how we find out what is happening etc. in a pleasant and convivial way.

It proves also that we can as an industry work together for the betterment of the industry, this is no more important than in the area of safety. This is why the Safety Summit component of the event is vitally important. It gets a whole range of people together in one place, in a non-confrontational atmosphere to talk about making sure we go home alive. It is a better that the industry be proactive in safety for audiences as well as crews.

Juliusmedia needs to be commended for putting up the time and money and persuading companies to come on board to make such an event to happen.


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