WOMAD 2013 – Adelaide


Botanic Park, Adelaide Friday 8–Monday 11 March 2013.

Again this festival of world music has rolled around again. This well staged event is very popular and deservedly so. WOMAD has always provided world-class acts with world-class staging. When you look at the number of acts and the number of stages you start to get an idea of the mammoth task that is involved in getting it all together. With multiple stages to crew and run the production department do an amazing job. Most of which goes unobserved by the general public that attend the event. If you look at the range of acts and what each entails you know there is a lot of work. The acts range from traditional dance and music to more contemporary world music.

Looking at the 2013 program there are going to be some great acts that are also going to be challenging technically. We have a great act that I saw  and reviewed in Edinburgh at their Fringe, Tubular Bells for Two. We have also jazz/rap innovators The Herbaliser, Compagnie  Luc Amoros will be a very challenging act technically, just looking at an image from one of their shows (below) shows what the technical crew are going to have to contend with.

compagnie luc amoros

compagnie luc amoros

These are only a couple of many acts that will be performing over the 4 days in March in Adelaide. An excirting event for audiences, performers and of course my area of interest the technical crew. I intend to bring you as much info and images of this celebration of World music that Adelaide is lucky to have.

Here are some images from my previous coverage of this event.

More information on WOMAD HERE


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