The Know it All

We have all probably worked on shows where there is a know it all. It can be even a hirer that has a know it all in the company. An amateur theatre company or a teacher from the school that is putting a production in your venue even corporate clients. So how do we deal with this? do we correct them?. Especially when it is a teacher this can be hard. I have had teachers say very erroneous things and when I have tried to correct them I have been told I was wrong. This is of course offensive and really should people be told the wrong thing. Examples are: 3 phase wash = 3 colour wash, fresnels give hard beam of light, spotlights are for following people there are not profiles. So you get the gist of what some people are saying. I do find it very annoying when a teacher of drama is guilty of this, surely they are supposed to know at least some of technical knowledge. Surely there is nothing wrong with asking the tech if they do not know the answer. I am of the belief that people should know the correct terms and information. so how do we help these people? I wonder if having a quiet chat with them before the production process starts and therefore trying to gauge their knowledge and then correcting them at that meeting. That way they do not lose face in front of others. Maybe a simple booklet about the venue and the tech set up with all of the correct terminology can help. It gives them a reference to refer to, plus especially if they are teaching they can copy and use it as an info handout to students.
So how would you deal with them?


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